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She Thought She’d Join Her Boyfriend Fishing, But He Said it was more of a “Guy Thing”. One Day She Showed Up Unannounced and he was Furious.

It’s always healthy in relationships to have different interests from your other half otherwise, you can lose sight of who you are and the things you enjoy outside of spending time with them.

However, it’s also important to find things that you can enjoy together – after all what’s the point of being with someone if you don’t have anything in common?

One Reddit user (27F) has recently tried to participate in her boyfriend’s (28m) hobby but it has backfired. Here’s what happened.

An error of judgment

The original poster (OP) explains that her boyfriend recently started going on regular fishing trips with a fishing club he joined. OP is fine with it but would like to be able to share this hobby with him as she used to do it when she was younger. 

She says that she lived near a lake when she was a child and spent a lot of her time fishing in it. Some of the best meals that she had growing up were trouts that she had caught while fishing and she would be up for getting back into it. 

Over the past couple of months, she has suggested on a couple of occasions that the pair of them go on a fishing trip together, but he keeps saying no. He has told her that he sees this hobby as a “guy thing” he does with his friends. 

The issue reached a boiling point last weekend when she turned up unannounced to the lake where he fishes with his friends. She thought she was being nice by surprising him with snacks but he was furious and told her that she shouldn’t have come. 

He has subsequently been kicked out of the fishing club and stopped talking to her. Is he in the right to be mad at her or should he have welcomed OP into the fishing club?

A Mixed Response 

OP received a wide range of responses from the Reddit community, with some people backing her boyfriend and others saying he had massively overreacted. One of the most liked comments was as follows:

“I can understand him not wanting to have you join; it’s not about you. They may use the time to talk about really personal things. Alternatively, they may just be sexist idiots.

However, if your bf knows you like fishing and won’t even go with just the two of you or on your own trip then he has a problem and he doesn’t sound great.

Other people speculated about the reason for the overreaction:

“It looks like they might have been fishing at an illegal spot, and you weren’t supposed to know about it, but your boyfriend told you anyway, which broke his friends’ trust in him. If that’s the case, then apologize to him for not respecting his wish for boys-only time, and he should apologize to his friends for telling you about the spot. 

Regardless of the reasons, should OP’s boyfriend get over himself? Or should OP have taken no for an answer and respected his wishes? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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