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That Awkward Moment: Readers Share When They Knew Their Relationship Was Over

Being in a relationship is not easy. They’re ever-changing, as is the person you are in the relationship with and yourself. Often, relationships come bearing the weight of emotions, past experiences, and baggage from failed relationships. At some point, as these thoughts and emotions converge, it tend to shape the future of the relationship’s connection.

Faking Happiness

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One user said, “When I started to lie about how happy I was in my relationship to my friends, family, and myself.”

Miles Apart

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A second user added, “I was in Spain, and my (ex) girlfriend fb messaged me saying that we never see each other. I was like “well, I’m 2500 miles away, so that might have something to do with that.” I had been there for 2 Weeks.”

All The Chores

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A third user shared, “I worked 2nd shift. She kept insisting it was my job to do all of the chores because I was “home all day”—literally all the chores. On a Friday work day, I would get home at 3 am Saturday morning. She would wake me up at 8 telling me that I was lazy and all I wanted to do was sleep.”

Couldn’t Get Any Further

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This user recalled, “I was in Japan, and she sent me a message saying she needed space. I replied, “I’m in Asia. How much more space could you possibly need?!?!?”

No Future

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A Redditor stated, “When I started to think of our future together, and realized I dreaded the idea of marrying him and starting a family. We had so many problems dating that adding a new responsibility to it felt impossible.”

Conversations With The Cat

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A poster shared, “When she decided that I couldn’t talk to anyone, including family, waiters/waitresses, bank tellers, and basically anyone other human beings, she let me talk to the cat, so I had that thought.”

All The Wrong Reasons

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A user commented, “When the biggest reason I wanted to hang out with her was to ensure she wasn’t cheating on me still….”

Anniversary Dinner

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This Redditor posted, “When another dude asked me why I broke up with her and then told me he’s been with her for the past 6 months. I ran into him in front of the restaurant where I was meeting her to have our two-year anniversary dinner.”

No Longer Cared

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A top-liked comment said, “I had to cancel a date because I had to work. I called and told her, and she said, “That’s OK, I’ll just go with [her ex].” It occurred to me that they might wind up in the sack. Then it occurred to me that I didn’t really care if they did.”

An Obligation

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A user added, “When I realized I was making excuses to avoid spending time with him, rather than just making time. A relationship shouldn’t be an obligation.”

Can’t Do It Anymore

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A Redditor recalled, “The day she walked in after 7.5 years and said, “I can’t have an emotional relationship with you any longer.”

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

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This poster mentioned, “When I realized that in order for me to be happy in a relationship, I have to be able to see them in person more than once every 2 months, being away from someone you really care about can become very wearing, and eventually, you stop missing them. I wish it hadn’t gotten to that point, but it did.”

Reached That Point

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One user said, “When she and I hadn’t been intimate in months, but had given each other permission to sleep with someone else, and conversed openly about it. And neither one of us cared that the relationship had reached that point.”

Walking On Glass

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This poster stated, “When you have to pre-think every message, every word so you don’t offend her/him, you know the mountain is crumbling faster than you’re climbing.”


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A user recalled, “When I became terrified to the point of panic attacks to leave her alone because she’d self-harm, and according to her, she didn’t have a problem.”

Never Got Over The Ex

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A commenter said, “When she flipped out about her ex meeting another girl and took an 8-hour train ride back to her hometown to try to win him back. We had been together for a year by then. The worst part was that I didn’t give up for quite sometime after that.”


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A top-liked comment said, “When I had to pretend to be someone else to make it work, I just couldn’t sell my soul anymore.”

It’s Over

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One poster shared, “When she doesn’t involve me in anything to do with her, she goes out, and I’m never invited.  It’s always a “girl’s night” or “invite only.” If she wanted me there, she would make it happen. It’s been a year, and I keep catching her bullsh****ing me.”

Equal Effort

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This user added, “When I feel like I’m putting in more effort than she is. I don’t chase women anymore. Women who want to spend time with you and put forth as much effort as you are much more fulfilling relationships.”

Alone Time

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “When we had a huge fight, and she stormed off, and I finally had a night to myself. It was the greatest feeling ever. I went to Chipotle and sat down and played video games for a few hours, and it seemed like the most beautiful thing.”

Source: Reddit

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