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People Share The Top 15 Worst Things You Can Say To Someone At Their Wedding

On a day that is meant to be filled with love, joy, and celebration, the worst thing that can be said to a bride or groom is a hurtful remark that dampens the spirit of the love they share. Any comment questioning their commitment or love for each other, casting doubt on their marriage, can also be deeply hurtful and disrespectful. Bringing up past relationships, mistakes, or anything that could cause insecurity between them could also be devastating. 

Third Times A Charm

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One poster said, “At my uncle’s third wedding, the best man, who was the same guy for all 3, finished his best-man speech with “Third times a charm.”

Hope You’re Happy

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A second poster added, “I hope you are very happy – it’s so important to have a good first marriage.”

Getting Married Sucks

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A third poster commented, “Good luck, getting married sucks.” No joke, my cousin – who I didn’t even invite – said this to me right after our vows. She was also going through a divorce, so maybe it was warranted.”

Serves You Right

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A user mentioned, “There was a camera going around the post-ceremony reception, and the camera crew wanted everyone to give the bride and groom a message. I said, “Serves you right.” I still regret it because my date and the other friends I was with got very uncomfortable. Luckily it didn’t make the final cut.”

Murder Statistic

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A commenter divulged, “I was good friends with both the bride and groom. I was the best man of the groom, and at the end of my speech, I said, “I want you to take a moment to look into each other’s eyes, and as you do, I want you to know that statistically, this is the person you’re most likely to be murdered by.” I didn’t land as well as I thought it would.”

Didn’t Work Out For Me

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Someone added, “At a wedding I recently attended, the maid of honor gave her speech and said something along the lines of, “Good luck. Didn’t work out well for me.” Talk about awkward!”

I Forgot

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One person shared, “Our photographer. She just… didn’t take any pictures of the ceremony. She told us she “forgot.” The only reason I didn’t kick her out was she was my husband’s aunt. The pictures she did take of the day were really bad. I have many regrets. Apparently, she used to be a professional photographer.”

Welcome Back

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A top-liked comment said, “Maybe not the worst thing, but I once saw a story about a guy giving a toast at his buddy’s second wedding, and he started the toast with “Welcome back everybody!”

Is She Still?

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This person stated, “I was a groomsman in a friend’s wedding along with a few other close friends. One of the groomsmen got absolutely hammed while we getting ready in the hotel room. My friend told the groom, “I used to hook up with your wife all the time.” Then he asked, “Is she still a freak in bed?” The groom was caught totally off-guard, and he was kicked out of the wedding.” I can’t imagine the explanation he had to give when he was one less groomsman and one of his wife’s maids of honor had to walk in alone.”

Good Luck

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This commenter posted, “My father walked me down the aisle, gave me away to my husband, sneered at him, and said “Good luck.” At the altar.”

Are You Sure About This?

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One poster said, “My brother said to a friend of ours while we were getting ready “Are you sure about this?” This caused a lot of tension between the two. The marriage didn’t last. At least he was honest.”

Past Trists

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Someone recalled, “I was at a really classy wedding, like top-of-the-line everything, food, alcohol, decorations, the whole nine. As the maid of honor prepared for her speech, she was mic’d up with one of those little clip-on microphones. She and one of the servers (who was friends with the bride in high school) were behind this curtain laughing and making fun of how the bride was a huge wh****re in high school and college. Everyone heard it.”

Recycled Speeches

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This user shared, “At my cousin’s second wedding, his best man (who was the same best man from his first wedding) recycled his first speech word for word, only changing the names. It was a generic enough speech that it worked. I thought it was brilliant.”

Good Luck!

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A top-liked comment said, “Look at the two of them, chuckle, and say, “Good luck.” If you’re looking for a snide way to congrats, this is the way.”

I’ll Be At The Next One

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Finally, someone added, “My dad could not attend my cousin’s wedding because of a business trip. When he saw him at a family get-together, he told my cousin in front of his soon-to-be wife, “It’s ok, I’ll be at the next one.” I never seen two faces get so red, so quick, in my life.”

Source: Reddit

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