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Top 10 Dating Requirements From Men That Are Crucial First Date Essentials

First dates are nerve-wracking, and small details can make a big impact. As a man, you might wonder what to look for in someone new. Seeking guidance, men share their thoughts on “green flags” – positive signs that signal a promising start to a relationship. Whether you’re an experienced dater or new to the game, read on to uncover key indicators of a successful first date.

Good Conversation Skills

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To start, one Redditor replied, “She listens sincerely and talks sincerely.”

A second added, “When you find a common talking point, and she genuinely adds to the conversation, and your view on said topic. The good conversation gets me going!”

Shared Interests and Hobbies

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A user added, “Having shared interests and hobbies is a great green flag for me on a first date. It shows that we have things in common and that we could potentially have a lot of fun together in the future.”

Another said, “I always appreciate when my date is passionate about something and is willing to share that passion with me. It’s a great way to learn more about them and their interests.”

Sense of Humor

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A popular comment was, “Lots of laughter and smiles.”

A second comment read, “She laughs and helps you clean up the Udon that you spilled when you were nervous on your first date.”

Genuine Interest In You

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One wrote, “She compliments you and how you look.”

A second replied, “She asks questions about yourself.”

Positive Attitude and Outlook On Life

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A user commented, “A positive attitude and outlook on life is a huge green flag for me. It’s great to be around someone who can find the silver lining in any situation and who approaches life with a sense of optimism.”

Ambition and Drive

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A popular comment was, “When I see that my date has ambition and drive, it’s a huge turn-on for me. It shows that they have goals and are working towards achieving them and that they won’t settle for mediocrity.”

Similar Values and Beliefs

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A popular comment was, “I turned up 5 minutes early, and she was already there.”

Respectful Behavior Toward Others

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One commented, “If you pay for the meal (or anything), she says “Thank You” and is genuinely appreciative.”

A second added, “If they’re polite to customer service people, it’s usually a better sign than if they are nice to you.”

Enthusiasm and Energy

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A user added, “When my date is excited and shows some energy. Whether it’s just keeping up the conversation or actually participating in the activity on the date.”

Active Listening Skills

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A popular comment stated, “Listening and reciprocating questions. I don’t want to talk about myself the whole time, but this isn’t a job interview where I’m the employer. Ask questions about me! Haha.”

A second comment was, “When she puts her phone away. Hell of a green flag.”

Emotional Intelligence

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One added, “She doesn’t compare everything you do to her ex.”

A second replied, “She doesn’t mention an ex the entire night.”

Thoughtfulness and Consideration

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A user commented, “Looking back, the thing that should’ve been the biggest green flag about the woman I married was that she made just as much effort to see me as I did to see her. She texted me first, suggested hang-out times, and came up with date ideas just as often as I did. I don’t think I realized it back then, but I realize it now.”

Confidence Without Arrogance

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“She has a level of confidence. Nothing crazy but you can tell she has an idea what she wants.”

Independence and Autonomy

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One user replied, “I always appreciate when my date shows that they have their own passions and interests outside of the relationship. It shows that they are a well-rounded person and gives us more to talk about.”

Another user said, “When my date is confident and comfortable being themselves, it really puts me at ease and helps me relax too. It’s a great feeling to be around someone who is secure in their own skin.”

Physical Chemistry and Attraction

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Finally, “They don’t want it to end. Excuses or suggesting places to go after the main date to keep talking. Or if that’s not possible (maybe one of us is working the next day), her texting once she gets home or if she’s in a taxi home, her messaging as soon as you leave one another.” Source: Reddit

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