5 Common Signs There Is Sensual Tension Between You and Someone

Sensual tension can often be cut with a knife. Sometimes even other people start to notice. Sensual tension is definitely not a bad thing and can often lead to beautiful relationships. 

But, if either of you are committed or married, sensual tension can quickly become a problem. Some people believe there are some telltale signs of sensual tension, and others believe it’s not that simple. 

One Redditor commented, “Lot of eye contact.”

Eye Contact

A user suggested, “When she tells me she is upset because I am not picking up the signals.”


“Unsolicited touching,” and then added, “I meant unsolicited, but welcomed touching, lol.” To which another Redditor added, “You both try to touch each other at any opportunity.”


A Redditor added, “You feel the tension. You’ll know when it happens.”

Feel It

A Redditor commented, “When other people pick up on it.”

Others Notice

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