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Uncovering the Unknown: 21 Things Men Need to Know About Women

Men and women have different experiences and perspectives, and it can be eye-opening for men to learn about certain aspects of women’s lives. Some men have discovered new insights about women, such as the challenges they face in relationships, concerns about intimacy and sex, power dynamics, and the importance of emotional support. These revelations highlight the value of open communication and understanding in building stronger connections between men and women.


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One reader shared, “That having strong feelings for her does not mean she is a great fit for me.”


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A user shared, “Despite what some people say, love is not always enough. It’s just one of the many requirements for compatibility.”

Supple Skin

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One poster said, “How INSANELY SOFT their skin is!”

To which a second poster replied, “Yes! First thing I noticed when I held her hand!”

Cuddle Time

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This user stated, “They love cuddling. Not only because they’re horny, but they want to suck all of the warmth out of your body to heat up their own artic-level temperature bodies.”


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A reader shared, “The hair, it’s everywhere! In the drain, in the laundry, and sometimes in the food I make. It’s everywhere, but you don’t see it until it somehow catches your attention.”

Showing Up

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A top-liked comment said, “If she wants to be there, she’ll figure out a way to be there. If she doesn’t, she’ll make up a good excuse to not be there.”

Bed Space

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A user said, “How much of the bed they take up! Guess I’ll just sleep in this tiny corner over here.” 


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A user commented, “At some point, they develop some sort of calming, gentle warmness. I didn’t see it until I was in a real adult relationship, but more than one partner just had an effect of almost untangling my brain just by their warm presence.”


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One commenter shared, “They can EAT and use LOTS of toilet paper.

A second commenter replied, “Haha we have no choice but to use TP EVERY time!”


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This user added, “The size of women’s jeans pockets is a joke. You can’t fit anything in there.”

World Views

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A reader stated, “The biggest thing is some differences in how they see the world vs. the way I saw it. There are genuine concerns or fears in some everyday things that I take for granted and have never given a second thought about.”

Order Extra

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One reader claimed, “If they say no to chips, fries, or any side… it’s a trap. You’re gonna lose some of yours, guaranteed!”

Menstrual Cycle

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This user shared, “Just how much the menstrual cycle affects them. I wasn’t aware of what women go through during their menstrual cycle, and it was really eye-opening after being in a few of my mature relationships.”


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One poster said, “How fun they can make the small things in life. Ever gone out with your girlfriend to get Starbucks? It is such a fun experience. Just watching her making an effort to get ready for that small trip, hearing her talk about the most random things as you are walking, and then her ordering for you and her, customizing the drink in a way you didn’t even know you liked.”


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A top-liked comment said, “How they pick up on little things, like moods, small items/details, conversations, etc. How delightful they are when they are happy.”

Small Things

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This reader commented, “They notice small things. I was in a deep conversation with my first girlfriend and she told me I am into long hair girls. I didn’t even notice that (it was subconscious). I never sat down and wrote out a list of all the criteria of what I’m into.”


This user said, “How lively and affectionate they become when you make yourself available to them.”

Not Always Fine

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A user also added, “Don’t take “everything’s fine” for an answer, be nice – but peel the onion. They hide the stuff that turns their heart black sometimes because they’ve been raised to keep the peace. Help them through it, and the sky’s the limit.”


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One user had this to say, “When you go out, how many people look/stare at her. The first time we walked in the park, out of the 100 people we passed, I’d say she got 85% of the looks. It surprised me and made me realize that if that happened to me, I’d be a lot more self-conscious, concerned about my safety, and half afraid to venture out alone.”

Toilet Humor

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This poster added, “That they aren’t mythical creatures. You can treat them like normal humans. A lot of women are more crude and disgusting than men.”

Comfortable Living Space

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Finally, a reader said, “Women have an apt for creating comfortable environments — they know how to turn a house into a home. The last woman I dated turned the place she rented into her own vibe within less than a week—paintings, busts, flowers, candles, music, etc.”When it comes to getting our first girlfriend or understanding women,

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