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15 Very Common “Intimate” Things That Are Actually Major Turn-Offs To People

While individual preferences vary, certain commonly perceived “sexy” things can be major turn-offs for some people. For instance, excessive arrogance or an overbearing attitude can quickly dampen any initial attraction. Oversharing intimate details or being too forward too quickly can also be off-putting, as it may feel invasive or uncomfortable. 

Fake Tans

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One user said, “Fake tans, the spray-on kind. Any woman I have discussed this with insists it looks amazing and that the boys love it, but I and any guy I have talked to about it is turned off majorly by the sight and smell of it.”

Hentai Cries

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A second user added, “Dated a girl who was really into anime once. She did the hentai cries to be attractive, and it was just the most unattractive thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“Intimate Time”

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A third user shared, “Calling intimacy anything cute or catchy is so unattractive to me. Includes  “Doing the deed.” Also “sensual time,” “the good thing,” and whatever else there is. Horrible.”

Male Strippers

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This commenter posted, “Male strippers. Just not for me, and if I ever got a lap dance, I would probably just end up laughing.”

Don’t Call Me Daddy

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Someone added, “Girls calling men “Daddy,” it’s gross and incestuous. If that ever happened to me, I’d be out before it could begin.”

“Acting” Seductive

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A top-liked comment said, “I am hugely turned off by someone who’s “acting seductive,” it’s so ridiculous to me. Just act normal.”

Arrogance, Not Confidence

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This poster commented, “When confidence turns into arrogance. There’s a difference between giving off the impression you know how to handle anything thrown your way and thinking that any communication with you is me thinking I’m hot stuff because you think I’m unworthy of your attention.”

Leopard Underwear

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Someone said, “Leopard spot underwear. Nothing says fancy to me like yellow and brown spots.”


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A user stated, “Unsolicited d pics! Literally, no one ever wants to or asks for them. It just looks awkward and uninspired.”

Symmetrical Beards

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This person mentioned, “Those stupid short beards, which are way too symmetric, that everyone gets from the barber. Like someone drew it with a marker.”


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Someone added, “Those diamond stud earring wearing, full sleeve tats, Gucci man purse, steroid-loving f boys that only attract their female equivalent.”

Alpha Males

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A top-liked comment said, “The “Alpha Male” look. I see these guys out and about, and to me, it’s just like, “Dude, be a human. It’s not that hard.” They are usually super sensitive and have fragile egos.”

Mean Flirting

A user stated, “Being mean to your date as a way of flirting. That’s not flirting. That’s called being an a**hole. Teasing is fine. My partner and I tease each other frequently. But being a complete ass thinking the other person will jump your bones? No thank you!”

Fake Anything

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This person mentioned, “Fake boobs, fake butt, fake lips, fake anything. I honestly don’t get the obsession. It’s not attractive.”

Seductive Talk

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Finally, a user shared, “Talking in a soft, intimate, and seductive way. There’s literally nothing “special” about it. Say what you want and say it loud enough so I can actually hear it. Me having to repeat, “Sorry, what was that? Can you say it again? “Repeat it, please” Over and over again is not special.”

Source: Reddit

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