Top 10 Signs You Want to Pay Attention To And Avoid at the Beginning of A Relationship

Starting a relationship is exciting. You’re getting to know one another, and you go on fun dates and start imagining your future together. What if there are red flags you don’t realize? We looked at what some say are red relationship flags men and women should avoid.


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“Really jealous. Everyone has a tiny bit or none at all. But people really jealous will make your life hell.”

Another added, “My ex was so insecure when I downloaded tik tok (this was when it was changing musically to tik tok or around that time) he tried so hard to get me to delete it. Tik tok man. I still scroll it daily and also dumped his ass.”

One’s view showed some hope. “Ehh, not necessarily. There are people who are really jealous and know it and actively work to get over it.”

Nothing is Ever Their Fault

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“When nothing is ever their fault, it’s always someone else’s.” Someone else added. “I was raised by this. If you find someone like this, RUN AWAY.”

A second said, “That’s one thing I really try to do. If I’m wrong, I try to own the mistake and admit it.”

Not Having Close Friends

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One person shared, “My guess would be not having a close friend because I know people view my lack of solid friendships as a huge red flag. I just got held up with having a kid to take care of while going to school and working, both full-time, which turned into me working full-time and raising two toddlers by myself.” said one person.”

“I can tell you why that is an issue for me, and I have a pretty good group of friends and busy social life. I’ve dated women who didn’t have many friends. One on one, it was fine. But then I realized I was becoming their only outlet for social interaction. And that wasn’t fun.”

Not Taking Your Dreams Seriously

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Many had the same views. “When they don’t take your dreams seriously.” said one. Another added. “When they don’t take you seriously period.”

“Underrated. My gf does not support my decision to study computer science because now I will become a nerd’. Makes me kind of sad.”

Being Rude

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One said, “rudeness to waiters/customer service and other retail personnel.” said one person on Reddit. Another added. “Being rude in general.”

“People who treat wait staff and service people like they’re below them,” said another.

Bring Up Past Relationships

“Any kind of trash-talking their exes.”

Another said. “I think constantly mentioning what his/her ex was doing and how their relationship was. I did not get it at first and thought it was normal but I once understood it was a red flag when I got dumped for no reason.”

They Enjoy Drama

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Drama can come in different shapes and sizes. Here is what a few people had to say:

“When drama seems to stick to them, and they seem to bask in it.”

“When they say “I really hate drama.” From my experience, it’s been because they create it.”

“Ego. Pretending they are who they want to be. And drama. Stay the heck away from the drama.”

Addictions/Bad Habits

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“They have a Rolodex of excuses for not treating addiction.”


“Anger issues.”

Putting You Down

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Any type of put downs, not taking you seriously or lack of support.

“The inability to carry on a conversation without insulting/making fun of you.”

“making you feel bad because they want something.”

“Anyone who’s overly critical of others. They’re insecure and competitive and rarely happy.”

Ex Talk

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“My ex was crazy” Prolly he/she was the crazy one.”

“Any kind of trash-talking their exes.”

“Comparing you to their ex.” Source: Reddit 

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