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Living The Single Life Again? Top 20 Most Common Reasons Relationships Come To An End

Many people believe in true love and that a soulmate exists. Others believe in no such thing and think love takes hard work and a lot of communication. Whichever you believe in, you’ve probably been in a couple of relationships or engagements or even marriages that didn’t work out. There is always that one point where you just throw up your hands and say, “I’m out.” These are some of the final nails people have gone through that have ended a relationship.


One Redditor said, “I just wanted to say that I didn’t understand how badly I was being abused in our relationship….mentally, emotionally, and gaslighting.”

Playing Pretend

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A user added, “Pretending to be sick when my mother died so he didn’t have to comfort me. It wasn’t the final nail, but it was the biggest nail. I tried to get past it, but I couldn’t.”

Broken Promises

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A user replied, “One day, I suddenly realized that he was never going to follow through with anything he had promised or what we planned together & that I was wasting my time.”

Foul Language

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One comment read, “He said the N word one too many times. We had lots of fights over it. I’d told him a thousand times that he was NOT to say it in front of me or the kids.”

A third comment simply read, “why is this so common..”


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A Redditor commented, “8 years and 1 kid together, he always had an excuse to never do anything around the house. Shopping, cooking, learning to cook, dishes, cleaning, laundry, etc. He never did anything. He’d offer to do something but only if I reminded him, which just put the mental load on me too.”

Skipping Baby’s Birth

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A Redditor replied, “Not showing up for our baby’s birth when I went into premature labor because we fought the evening before, and he was pi**ed. He thought I was lying to get his attention lol. Two days ago.”

Big Fight

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One comment said, ”I broke my ankle and two weeks in he got mad at me so he left me outside my apartment building at night knowing I couldn’t open the doors. Then he didn’t come home for three days, and I found out he downloaded Hinge while “drunk”. Unfortunately, he’s still staying with me because I can’t take care of my dog while injured. I can’t wait to literally walk away from this.”


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A Redditor said, “I was given a promotion at work and was relocating to CO. My company paid for him to fly out so we could pick out our housing together. Instead, he spent the entire time buying weed and smoking.”

Lack of Attention

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A user replied, “In one of my previous relationships, it was the lack of affection when we were together. It felt that we are not even friends, albeit in a relationship. He was a very cold person. I am very happy now to be separated from him.”


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One Redditor commented, “He cheated, and I forgave. He cheated and I forgave. He cheated and I didn’t know…….. then I kissed a woman and I left ….. he remains confused. It’s been over 30 years.”

Grew Apart

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Another comment read, “Being intimate felt like I was doing it for money instead of with my spouse. I couldn’t connect emotionally anymore.”

Professional Help

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One user replied, “After reading “Codependent No More” by Melody Beattie and going to therapy where I’d discover what a toxic relationship I was in.”


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A Redditor replied, “my ex was always staying up all night drinking and playing video games and sleeping all day. I did pretty much all the cooking and cleaning. this was a constant source of conflict for us.”


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One user said, “In a previous relationship, he had been lying about his expenses and he finally admitted to being in 100K debt to people he shouldn’t be in debt with. Thank goodness we weren’t married. I packed and moved states when I found out.”

Getting Arrested

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A Redditor commented, “He got arrested for stealing beer. Wasn’t the first time the law got involved behind his alcohol. I told him the first time that everyone gets one and I wasn’t gonna let it slide again. So I didn’t. My life has only gotten better since.”

Family Treatment

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One comment read, ‘Didn’t happen (yet) but I’m close to because of the way his mom treats me.”

Didn’t Actually Want Children

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A Redditor commented, “Previous marriage… after 10 years he told me that my youngest child made him uncomfortable because my child is autistic and he just didn’t really like or want kids. He knew this before we dated, well before we married, never mentioned it at all, but that was his response when I confronted him about his escalating childish behavior toward my kids. I broke it off immediately.”

Tracking Movements

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One Redditor replied, “He tracked every move I made, all phone calls, locked me out of accounts.”

Long Distance

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A user commented, “long distance partner of 9 months. Saw eachother ~once a month during the school year. i asked him why we don’t sext anymore, he said he thinks it’s “kinda cringe.” I realized then my needs wouldn’t be met ever, we were incompatible and it made me feel gross/untouchable.”

No Job

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One Redditor said, “He hadn’t worked any kind of job for 2 years. I’d been working 60+ hour weeks AND coming home to do laundry and cook for us, make sure he’d eaten and taken his meds, etc.”

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