5 Surefire Ways to Send Her Packing 

Ever have a date where someone does something, and you think to yourself.. “I’m done, this will never work. How long before I can end this date?”

What are some things men do that you deem ghostable offenses? After a woman posed this question on a popular internet forum, these were the top-voted ghostable no-nos.

“When they only ever talk about themselves, and they don’t even realize it,” one stated. “I live in the USA. I have a European accent...."

Talking About Themselves Non-Stop

“When they talk about how they treated their exes, children, and employees in a way that demonstrates they are controlling and toxic without realizing it,” said one. “Deadbeat dads with the harmful mentality that they’re the victim.”

Controlling and Toxic

“Any hint of violent tendencies or general anger management issues. Immediate block, not dealing with that. If I feel threatened, your feelings about being ghosted do not supersede mine of feeling safe,” someone replied.

Any Hint of Violence

One woman shared, “When they get too intense, let’s say I’m talking with them for a week, and they are already telling me I’m the love of their life are huge red flags for me when I’m looking for green flags.”

Getting Too Intense Too Quickly

“Someone that doesn’t try to maintain a conversation with you. Like you’re talking to yourself. Guys, who cannot get beyond simple greetings and the question, ‘How was your day?’ I already answered my day in this ‘conversation’ three times!”

Not Maintaining Conversation

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