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10 Toxic Things Men Do That Will Make Her Run for the Hills

Ever have a date where someone does something, and you think to yourself.. “I’m done; this will never work. How long before I can end this date?”

What are some things men do that you deem ghostable offenses? After a woman posed this question on a popular internet forum, these were the top-voted ghostable no-nos.

Talking About Themselves Non-Stop

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“When they only ever talk about themselves, and they don’t even realize it,” one stated. “I live in the USA. I have a European accent. The number of men who tell me how sexy/hot/beautiful/appealingly my accent is and spend the next 90 mins not letting me talk is comical!”

Thanks for letting me know. Although you adore hearing me speak, you do not want to listen to me talk early in the relationship. I hear you! Loud and clear, and it’s unattractive.”

Controlling and Toxic

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“When they talk about how they treated their exes, children, and employees in a way that demonstrates they are controlling and toxic without realizing it,” said one. “Deadbeat dads with the harmful mentality that they’re the victim.”

A second added, “These people are the perfect combo of being toxic yet dumb enough to tell you they’re toxic. Or, similarly, talk about how every one of their exes was crazy. You start to find the common denominator, and it’s usually not the gal.”

Any Hint of Violence

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“Any hint of violent tendencies or general anger management issues. Immediate block, not dealing with that. If I feel threatened, your feelings about being ghosted do not supersede mine of feeling safe,” someone replied.

Another exclaimed, “Yes! I got picked up for a date by some guy I met online who seemed awesome, but the second he started driving, he was a maniac. Just constant road rage combined with swerving in and out of pretty heavy traffic, and I felt so unsafe in the car with him.”

Getting Too Intense Too Quickly

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One woman shared, “When they get too intense, let’s say I’m talking with them for a week, and they are already telling me I’m the love of their life, the most beautiful women in the world, that they love me are huge red flags for me when I’m looking for green flags.”

“I feel like they like me for what they want me to be, not who I am. How can you know all this after knowing me for a week? So I get suspicious when they get too intense. Rom-coms make this seem so cute, but it’s so creepy.”

Not Maintaining Conversation

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“Someone that doesn’t try to maintain a conversation with you. Like you’re talking to yourself. Guys, who cannot get beyond simple greetings and the question, ‘How was your day?’ Ask me questions about my life so I know you’re interested. I already answered my day in this ‘conversation’ three times!”

GPS Tracking

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One woman shared, “Went out on the worst coffee date with a guy. He admitted that he placed a GPS tracker in his ex’s car to track her without her knowledge. Immediately no, I was paranoid for a week after that date.”

Not Respecting Boundaries

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“Not respecting boundaries. Instant no,” shared one. “Guys will keep pushing it, and some girls will give in. I don’t understand that.”

Several women agreed before another added, “In even the slightest way. If he asks me if I want something to eat and I say no, it’s done if he tries to push past it. If he can’t respect small boundaries, he won’t respect big ones.

Sending Unsolicited Pictures

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Sending unsolicited n**e pics is an unfortunate event that is widespread without prejudices or boundaries. Single and married women shared their horror stories about men sending them these pics. One woman suggested, “I find one on the internet that looks better, and I send them one back. Works like a charm.”

Sexual Innuendos or Jokes After Ten Minutes

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“When you’ve known them for a whole ten minutes, and they’re already making sexual comments,” professed one. Many other women agreed with the sentiment. When a man asked, “Why?” Someone responded, “Because most women have been sexually assaulted. So we are traumatized.”

Not Taking NO for an Answer

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Finally, a woman shared, “I met a guy at a bar once. He seemed like a nice guy, and we exchanged numbers. The following week, he asked me out. I told him I couldn’t go out that night but was free tomorrow. He asked why and I told him I had a funeral tomorrow morning and didn’t feel like going out.”

Source: Reddit

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