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Relationship Deal Breakers: Are You Guilty Of Being Petty?

We like what we like and don’t like what we don’t like. It’s pretty simple. By the time we’re ready to date someone seriously, more than likely, or hopefully, we’ve figured out the things we want in a potential partner and the things we don’t want. It’s said that experience is our greatest teacher, and for many of us, we have experienced terrible partners in our life and know for sure that we don’t want that again! A person asked the question, “What is your pettiest deal breaker in a romantic relationship?” and the responses were some of the pettiest reasons for ending a relationship ever! But hey, we like what we like, right?

Fake Nails

Fake Nails womans lower face with hands up by mouth
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One Redditor said, “Mine is huge, fake nails. To me, that just reeks of immaturity and insecurity.”

A Sunburn

A Sunburn man touching his sunburned face looking upset
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A user said, ‘A guy I knew in high school broke up with a girl because she was sunburned.”


Maturing? Woman smiling confidently with her hand on her chin
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This Redditor added, “In high school, a guy broke up with my friend with the exact words, “I’m going into grade 12, and I have two pets, so I’ll be really busy.”

Being Responsible

Being Responsible woman smiling with thumbs up
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One Redditor said, “Dated a girl for a while, and anytime she came over and needed something out of the cabinets, she wouldn’t close them back. I’d have to constantly close cabinet doors and open drawers!”

Chain Messages

Chain Messages man texting and looking at his phone
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This Redditor said, “I like to think that I am very tolerant and comprehensive. But I once told a girl I was seeing to end our relationship because she wouldn’t stop texting me chain text messages about curses, “your mom will die…”, and “you will win insert amount of money” if I send this to 5 people.”

Safety First

Safety First woman standing in a hard hat thinking
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A Redditor said, “Broke up with a girl because she kept getting into my car and refused to put on a seat belt unless I pulled the car over and told her explicitly. My car has that sensor that keeps beeping if you don’t put it on. Massively annoying!”

Eating Habits

Eating Habits woman sitting at the computer holding a donut
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This user commented, “I know a guy who broke up with his girlfriend because she ate her peas one at a time.”

Another Redditor commented, “I broke up with a picky eater. It seemed petty to me, but I will eat just about anything and enjoy trying something new. I can’t date someone who won’t eat anywhere but Subway.”

A third Redditor said, “She Chewed with her mouth open. Gross!”

Bad Ink

Bad Ink man showing bad tattoo on his shoulder
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A Redditor said, “A tattoo of an anchor that says “refuse to sink.”


Hobbies woman working with beads and string
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This Redditor said, “I Broke up with this woman because she said she would never go snorkeling….”

So Like…

So Like… man on the phone
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This user said, “If she like, says the word like, like, before every like word. Like, literally.”


Communication two women sitting and talking with teacups
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One Redditor commented, “She never calls/texts me first. I don’t want to be the one who always contacts you first. I want to feel like you were thinking of me.”


Invites two women sitting and talking looking at phone
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A user shared, “She would always give me “soft invites,” I.E. “you can come if you want,” or my favorite, “you’re more than welcome to come, but if not, no worries.” Like c’mon, be an adult!”

Spoiling Shows

Spoiling Shows a man whispering to a woman and the woman looking surprised
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A user left this comment, “She got mad at me and sent spoilers for Walking Dead S2, like who dies and who lives. She thought it would be funny.”

Vacillating Personalities

Vacillating Personalities couple sitting upset on the couch
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One Redditor commented, “She never initiated anything, whether smex, dates or what she wanted to eat!”

A second Redditor shared, “He could never make his mind up about anything! When he did, he always second-guessed himself, it led to many fights, and I just couldn’t do it anymore!”

Act Your Age

Act Your Age two women and a man making silly faces
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This Redditor shared,“My friend broke up with his girlfriend because she used too much the 😅 emoji too much, and he felt it was almost as if she was being passive-aggressive or hypocritical.”

Another Redditor said,“He was unhelpful due to petty or childish reasons.”

This Redditor said, “She’s used “baby talk” ALL the time. I couldn’t stand that****!”


Touching woman showing thumbs down
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One user simply said, “Pinching.”

Another user said, “I can’t stand when someone touches me all the time.”


Flirting man and woman sitting and smiling holding hands
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A Redditor left this comment, “She liked to flirt with anyone and everyone as a “test.”

Another Redditor added, “On a date, she flirted with the waiter, manager, and even the busboy.”


Snacking woman laying on the couch eating popcorn
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This user had this to say, “He ate cookies and snacks in bed… Woke up with a sour patch kid in my butt crack!”

One funny comment was, “She would leave a trail of snacks wherever she went in the house.”

Different Tastes 

Another user shared, “She didn’t like Monty Python and The Holy Grail.”

Social Media

Man’s hands using iphone
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This Redditor said, “She was more concerned about social media apps than me. It became a competition. I learned this the hard way, and I’ll never bother with this type of person again.”


Self-Centered woman looking selfishly at her phone.
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A user commented, “Never dimmed her high beams because she could see better and was therefore safer.”

Another user said, “Assumed all wait staff were servants and would send food back because she could.”

Taste In Food

Woman looking grossed out wearing red shirt and lip stick
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Finally, one Redditor said, “Another girl would dip bagels into cold baked beans. Again. No time for that ****.”

Redditors came in hot with all the petty relationship deal-breakers. Do you have any deal breakers for a relationship? Are they petty? 

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