Beyond the Breaking Point: Exploring the Moments That Led to Calling It Quits

Lots of relationships come to what’s referred to as a “tipping point” these are often critical moments when a relationship can either improve, deteriorate rapidly, or even end. 

If handled poorly, a tipping point can trigger a cascade of negative emotions and behaviors that can lead to a breakup or divorce. 

One Redditor said, “I was leaving the gym and told her I would be over to her apartment in about 45 minutes after I showered. I kid you not, at the 45 minute mark she was texting me upset that I wasn’t there yet..."

Being On Time

"...Showed up at about the 50 minute mark, she would not open the door beyond leaving the security latch attached, and only to tell me to scratch off.”

This Redditor added, “He kept treating his dance partner better than me. He would take her out for drinks, took her shopping with him, and posted photos of her online but wouldn’t hold my hand in public, nothing about me on social media whatsoever.”

Unfair Treatment

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