Tell Tale Signs of a Cheater

When one partner is cheating in a relationship, it can be a devastating experience for the  partner being cheated on.

It can be difficult to detect, but there are often warning signs that a partner may be cheating. Many of these signs may be subtle or obvious and vary greatly depending on the individual and the situation.  

One Redditor said, “When they pick fights out of nowhere and use those fights as an excuse not to talk for a night or so.”

Picking Fights

One Redditor shared, They start accusing you of cheating. The projection is strong.


A user shared, “They don’t allow you access to their phone, computers, tablets, or they will never leave these items alone at any time, and become secretive while on their electronics.”

No Access

This user said, “When they travel, they don’t check in with you, call/text, or tell you where they are staying or when they’ll be back. This is a huge red flag!”

When Traveling

This Redditor said, “They begin using the bathroom more often and for longer periods of time. You know how when you’re texting someone you’re into, you just kind of light up and smile at their replies all the time, and people around you can tell?.."

Frequent Bathroom Use

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