That Marriage Will Never Last! Here’s Why…

Have you ever had a moment where a friend or family member ever introduced you to their new partner, and as they walked away, you thought to yourself, “they’re not going to last!”  

Although we hope people do not feel this way at a wedding, we all know that most marriages nowadays no longer see “until death do us part.” Here are some wedding moments that made guests think “they are not going to last.” 

One Redditor commented, “She told me two days before that she found her fiancé annoying and that she didn’t like him and that he was AWFUL in bed.”

Admitted To Not Liking Fiance

A user replied, “When they were doing the vows and the priest got to the “for richer or poorer” part, and she said, “for richer or richer and maybe for poorer.” The officiant was not pleased. I think they made it a year.”

For Richer or Richer

A most liked comment read, “He ended up at the emergency room between the ceremony and the reception. He went out the night before with his sister and friends and got plastered..."

Too Drunk

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