Topics Couples MUST Discuss Before Marriage

Before getting married, it’s extremely important for couples to have open and honest discussions about various topics to ensure they are on the same page and have a strong foundation for their future together.  

Recently we came across a thread asking, “What topics should you and your partner discuss before getting married?” The responses were thoughtful,  sometimes funny, and they covered a range of important topics that should be discussed prior to tying the knot!

One Redditor said, “How to deal with in-laws. I can’t stress this enough!”

Extended Family

A top-liked comment mentioned, “Holiday expectations.” 

Family Time

This user added, “What happens if one of you gets into an accident.”


One commenter said, “Whether or not you’re comfortable with having your partner hang out with their preferred sexual attraction, for example, if your husband hangs out with other females.”


This Redditor said, “⁠Expectations of cleanliness.”


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