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15 of The Best Video Games For Couples To Play

Engaging in video games as a couple can significantly bolster a relationship by fostering communication, teamwork, and shared experiences. Collaborative games require effective communication and strategic thinking, encouraging partners to coordinate their efforts and synchronize their actions, leading to improved communication skills both in and out of the gaming world. The challenges and triumphs faced together in virtual realms can parallel real-life situations, allowing couples to develop problem-solving skills and patience while navigating through various scenarios. 

Divinity Original Sin 2

couple playing video games
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“If you and your partner are into games such as Dungeons & Dragons, a highly recommended game is Divinity Original Sin 2. DOS2 is a role-playing game similar to D&D with turn-based fight sequences and enough quests to not get stale after a few hours of playing.”

Until Dawn

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“Games such as Until Dawn and Detroit: Become Human also get a huge recommendation from couples that game together. They are story-driven “choose your path” types of games that are great at creating communication/dialogue between partners as you can pause the game and discuss your options.”

Dead By Daylight

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“Another recommended “perfect game to bond over” is Dead by Daylight, playing as survivors. In DBD, “survivors” are hunted by bad guys, and they must work together to figure out how to elude the antagonist and survive the round.”

Unravel: Two

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“Many couples that aren’t into playing too serious of a game often find themselves playing Unravel Two. This is a side-by-side co-op adventure game in which your characters, called “Yarnys,” small beings that are connected by a single thread of yarn, try to traverse their world, solving puzzles and manipulating the environment around them.”


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“Another highly recommended game for couples to play is called Overcooked. In the overcooked series, you and your partner will immerse yourselves in a co-op challenge game that users have said “will bring you and your partner closer if you love to solve challenges together. Or destroy your relationship if you’re not communicative.”

The Painscreek Ki!!ings

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“If your partner isn’t into video games but likes to sit and watch while you play, a highly recommended game is the murder mystery game, The Painscreek Ki!!ings. This is a single-player game where you must solve an over-arching mystery with a female protagonist. A player said his girlfriend would sit with him while he played and help talk him through different game parts. He said it was a great bonding experience for the two.”

Stardew Valley

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“If your partner is into non-violent games, Stardew Valley comes highly recommended. Stardew Valley is a great co-op and single-player game. Stardew Valley has been called one of the greatest video games ever for its music, relaxing atmosphere, and loveable characters.” 

Boarder Lands

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“If your partner is a seasoned gamer and enjoys first-person shooters, Boarder Lands is a fun game to try. Boarder Lands is known as what’s called a “loot & shoot” type game that can be played in “couch co-op,” meaning split screen sitting next to each other, working together to solve puzzles and beat different levels.”

Lego Game Series

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“A highly recommended series for both partners and families alike are the Lego games. The Lego video game series boasts popular titles such as Harry Potter, Marvel, Jurassic Park, and many other pop-culture titles. They are not super difficult games with well-known figures and are great for families to play together.”


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“The Splatoon series on Nintendo Switch is a highly recommended series for gamers of all skill levels. Splatoon can be used as a head-to-head or co-op challenge game. The controls are simple to learn, and many users have said the competitive atmosphere has led to many fun interactions between partners.”

Little Big Planet

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“Another highly recommended game is Little Big Planet. LBP is a puzzle platform game that will leave you and your partner in stitches. Many users have stated that they have never laughed harder than when they’re playing the Boom Town level, and one of them kept setting off the bombs.”

Pokemon GO

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“If one of you is a gamer, but the other isn’t, a game that might be surprising being found on a list of fun games to play with your partner is Pokemon GO. Go for a walk, talk to each other, catch critters. It makes for a nice casual date!” 

Retro Games

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“If you and your partner long for the days of games from the 80s and 90s, you should check out the myriad of “old school” games that are available on platform consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Most console systems at this point have a good chunk of “nostalgia” type games that you and your partner may have played when your child and teen years.”

Fall Out

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“Some games simply aren’t for two players. Popular titles such as the Fall Out Series often see a single-player game with online ability for co-op or multiplayer. Still, playing together is difficult unless you and your partner have the same system and/or game. However, many users have said Fallout is a fun game to play, and you can let your significant other pick/make all the decisions, dialogue options, and where to go next.”

Mario Odyssey

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“A newer, more popular game amongst couples is Mario Odyssey. This is especially fun if one of you is not great at video games because Cappy can’t die. Only Mario can. The game is also a lot easier as a two-player game because now the person playing Mario doesn’t have to control Cappy simultaneously. Basically, they benefit from you playing with them.”

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