What Does the Upcoming Aries Season Have in Store for Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so the Sun’s entry into this sign marks the beginning of a new astrological season, which lasts from March 20th to April 19th.

The Ram has an impulsive and passionate vibe that encourages you to connect with your innermost desires and take action in pursuit of your passions.

This season we will experience the powerful influences of the April 19th New Moon eclipse in Aries, a deeply transformative transit that is meant to inspire courage.

This is the perfect time to let go of overly restrictive environments and relationships and forge a more independent path for yourself.


Happy Birthday, Aries! This is your time to step into your inner power and shine brightly! Expect to feel especially energetic and confident over the next few weeks. You may feel a strong urge to start new projects and follow your impulses with renewed vigor. Channel your enthusiasm in productive ways instead of wasting it on arguments with others.

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The Aries season encourages you to connect with a more spiritual side of your personality, which can be a bit overwhelming. Channel this fast-paced energy into personal growth and self-discovery. You have a unique opportunity to reflect on your innermost desires and personal goals, so make the most of this time.


The Aries season can bring a sense of excitement and adventure to your social life, so expect to meet new people during these weeks. You may feel more confident and assertive than usual, encouraging you to take the lead in your group settings. Your energy is inspiring, Gemini!


The Aries season encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, especially in your professional life. Don’t be afraid to seek a more ambitious position at work, Cancer. Showcase your talents with confidence and let your enthusiasm take you up the corporate ladder.


This season is all about expanding your horizons and broadening your outlook on life. You’ll feel particularly motivated and adventurous during these weeks, which will encourage you to explore new places and ideas. Just be sure to balance your drive with a sense of responsibility and you’ll enjoy all kinds of positive developments.


You are not quick to reveal your inner self, Virgo, but this fiery season invites you to connect more intensely with the people you love. This may mean having uncomfortable conversations or being more vulnerable in your interactions. It will be worth it.


The Aries season sheds light on your relationship zone and heralds a very passionate and exciting time in your love life! It’s the perfect time to go on a date, as you’ll feel more confident and flirty than usual. Don’t be afraid to take the lead, Libra!

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This exciting new season boosts your overall motivation and vitality, encouraging you to tackle all your pending tasks and plan a more productive routine. Make the most of this energy by getting rid of problematic habits and cultivating a healthier lifestyle.


Dear Sagittarius, this season is very inspiring for you! The Sun in Aries triggers a very creative side of your personality, making this a perfect time to take up new artistic pursuits or hobbies. Follow your impulses without overthinking things!


The arrival of the Sun in Aries brings a powerful change to your family life, Capricorn. You are called to set strong boundaries and to express your feelings more assertively. There’s no need to fight or argue when you share your feelings more authentically.


Dear Aquarius, your communication zone will be triggered over the next few weeks, so use this time to expand your social network and make your ideas known. The people you meet can help you move your projects forward, so don’t forget to share your passions with confidence.


The Aries season sheds light on your resources and financial zone, boosting your sense of worth and confidence. This is your opportunity to tap into your unique talents and find new ways to increase your income. Be creative and strive for independence!

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