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Navigating Love With An Introvert

Dating a person who values alone time comes with its own unique dynamics. Understanding and respecting their need for solitude is paramount. It’s important to recognize that their desire for alone time isn’t a reflection of your relationship’s health but rather a fundamental aspect of their personality. 

Value Personal Space & Time

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To start, a poster shared, “We’re dedicated, faithful, hardworking, but value our own personal time and space. We care a lot and love hard. Very little bothers us, and we don’t go out much as we either don’t have a lot of friends or we can only tolerate a social gathering for so long before we just want to leave.”

Approach With Uncertainty

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A second user added, “We value our space and free time so much more at the beginning of the relationship due to uncertainty. Eventually, once we’re comfortable, we’ll let you in.” 

Time To Recharge

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This user commented, “It’s not you. It’s literally me. In order for me to recharge my “social batteries” I need lots of downtime and alone time.”

Will Survive With Or Without You

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A highly-liked comment was, “We care, love hard, and to the right person we’ll ride or die for them, but we’re comfortable with our own company which comes down to…. With you or without you, I’ll survive.”

Just What We Prefer

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One person wrote, “I’ve been a loner my whole life of 60 years. It’s just what I prefer, even though I have 7 children and 15 grandchildren.”

Be Patient & Understanding

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A top-liked comment said, “The loner will be dedicated to you and faithful. However, they might want to be alone quite often. So if you love patient and understanding..that’ll help in more ways than you think.”

Don’t Invade Our Space

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One user commented, “Don’t invade their space. They’ll more than likely feel suffocated, and it’ll be far too overwhelming for them to bear.”

Forgo Peer-Pressure

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A person commented, “We don’t go along with peer pressure. For me personally, if someone has a stupid idea and others go along with it, even though I am a loner, I am not afraid to call you out on it.”

Don’t Use Silence & Isolation As Punishment

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A popular comment was, “Never attempt to silence or isolate us as a punishment. All you’ll do is give us enough space to forget about you.”

Don’t Take It Personal

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One poster said, “Don’t take it personally when I want/need space. I’m not looking to get out of the relationship I just need a break from things that overwhelm me.”

Don’t Be Needy

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This user replied, “I’m a loner but date often. As long as the person I’m dating is independent and not needy, like myself, it will work.”

You’re Special If We’re Dating

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A person suggested, “The fact that a “loner” is even dating you means they must really like you. Personally, I don’t go out of my way to meet new people, so if we’re dating, you’re special to me.”

It’s Not Fantastic

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This user added, “Heavy introvert/loner… it’s not fantastic. I have a tendency to self-sabotage a lot. Not actively. I just get in my own head too much and convince myself they aren’t really interested in me.”

The Isolation Cycle

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An insightful comment was, “I’m a former loner trying to become a “not-loner.” In my opinion, dating other loners only doubles down on your own social isolation. They get upset and jealous if it seems like you might make a friend. You shun new opportunities to appease them and feed your own isolationist cycle. Long story short, it’s not good.”

People Tend Not To Believe

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This poster recalled, “In my experience, most people almost don’t believe me when I tell them I’m a loner. Women tend to think I’ve got some extra active social life with hot guys I party with. And the men I’ve dated seemed to like that I don’t have much of a social life, but those types tend to be controlling.”

Alone Time Is Great Together

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Finally, a commenter said, “I married another loner. We’re loners together. It’s pretty great. We know that we each need “alone time” but sometimes the best alone time is spent together.”

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