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People Share 15 Signs They Noticed When Their Partner Was Cheating

Discovering that your partner might be cheating on you can be a devastating experience, but it’s essential to be aware of warning signs to address the issue early on. One of the most significant indications is a sudden change in their behavior, such as becoming distant, secretive, or avoiding intimate conversations. Frequent and unexplained absences or increased time spent away from home without valid reasons could also be red flags. Decreased physical affection and intimacy, coupled with a lack of interest in your emotional well-being, might signify their attention has shifted elsewhere. Finally, which is usually, the “nail in the coffin” is them being more secretive or protective of their phone and social media.

Cares About Appearance Suddenly

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One commenter said, “If your partner suddenly cares about their appearance way more than they usually would, it could be a sign they’re cheating.

Guarding Their Phone

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A second commenter added, “My intuition told me that it was another woman. So I just watched as he answered the texts and turned his phone face down on the sofa. That’s something people do when they need an extra layer of privacy.”

Accuse You Of Cheating 

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A third commenter posted, “Thieves check their locks. Scammers check their bank accounts. Cheaters check their partners. People who do something wrong are always paranoid about the thing they do wrong happening to them.

Lying About Their Location

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This user shared, “Lying about where they are. I think, in my life, I am five to one in this category. Six times in my life, a SO has lied about where they were. Five times, they were cheating. The other time, they were picking out a Valentine’s gift for me.

Intimacy Fades

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A poster divulged, “He stopped pressuring me for s****x. I was young and naive and didn’t feel ready. It turned out he wasn’t gonna wait.

Home & Away Times Change

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Someone added, “She suddenly hand a lot of little events come up. She was usually a stay-at-home-play-games type of person that suddenly wanted to go out for a bit with “friends” or had to visit family.”

Doesn’t Save Phone Numbers

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One person shared, “My previous boyfriend never saved phone numbers into his phone. He claimed he was just “too lazy.” It turned out the unsaved numbers belonged to his many, many side girls.”

Grooming Routines

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A top-liked comment said, “You can tell by body language and tone. A real easy one is they come home and immediately hit the shower, but it’s not hot, and they didn’t hit the gym or do anything strenuous.”

Unexplained Changes

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This person stated, “Sudden, unexplained changes in phone usage, hygiene, grooming, and personal fitness. Intimacy tends to drop, and/or spending habits change for better or worse.

Hair In Their Bed

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A user recalled, “Found another girl’s hair in his bed. He blamed it on his roommate and said that his roommate and girlfriend used his blanket, and that’s how the hair got there. Then there were hair ties etc, around. Then I found a shirt in his cupboard that wasn’t mine. 


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This commenter posted, “Lying about little things to cover up big things. Are they a person who never shops for themselves but suddenly have new clothes (especially undergarments)? Are they constantly spending money but can’t account for it? Are they putting a ton of miles on their car but can’t explain why?

Mentioning New Friends

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One poster lamented, “My husband started talking a lot about this poor chick at work that had an abusive husband and how he’d come up to work and act crazy. It turns out that HE was crazy, but it was because she and my husband were scr****wing. Even at the time, it occurred to me that it was a little odd that a guy who had less than no interest in 99% of people would suddenly be concerned about a coworker, but denial is a powerful drug.”

Willing To Get Physical

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Someone shared, “I think the biggest indicator was my ex hiding his phone. One time in particular, I picked up his phone to look up something, and he FLIPPED. I mean, he physically attacked me to get his phone back.”

Sudden New “Individual” Hobbies

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A top-liked comment said, “Suddenly taking up a new hobby that you’re never invited to participate in, and always takes their time in the weekend evenings. Then never give many details when you ask how everything went.”

Schedule Suddenly Changes

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Finally, someone added, “Staying late at work, frequently and uncharacteristically. She was a contractor and couldn’t work more than 40 hours, so if she worked too late, she had to take time off. It just didn’t add up.”

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