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People Share Their 15 Favorite “Know It All” TV Characters

“Know-It-All” TV characters captivate audiences with their encyclopedic knowledge and often endearing quirks. Armed with an impressive arsenal of facts and insights, these characters infuse their respective shows with humor, wit, and occasionally a touch of exasperation. Audiences are drawn to their curiosity and unapologetic confidence, finding a relatable charm in their pursuit of knowledge.

Lisa Simpson

Lisa simpson
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One commenter said, “Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons. Nothing sums Lisa up like this quote from Ned Flanders, “Why if it isn’t little Lisa Simpson! Springfield’s answer to a QUESTION NO ONE ASKED!”

Glen Howerton

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A second commenter added, “Glen Howerton as Dennis Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny. He’s such a mean person and always makes everyone else feel like a bad person, but he’s never wrong.”

Spencer Hasting

Troian Bellisario
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A third commenter posted, “Spencer Hasting from Pretty Little Liars. Talk about a “Type A” personality! She was cold, calculating, and confident in everything she did.”

Paris Gellar

liza Weil
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This user shared, “Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls. The absolute queen of the “know-it-alls.” It’s impossible not to be a Paris lover the more I rewatch.”


man thinking with hand on chin looking to the side
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A poster said, “MacGyver, imagine having the brain to get out of any and all situations. He is the one true know-it-all. Everyone else is just an imposter.”

Amy Santiago

Melissa Fumero
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Someone added, “Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She is amazing! Always one step ahead of everyone, and her wit is unmatched!”

Ted Mosby

Josh Radnor
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One person shared, “Ted Mosby 100%. He got annoying in later seasons, but I always rooted for him. He always had to be right no matter the cost, which is what made his character likable.”

Sheldon Cooper

Jim Parsons
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A top-liked comment said, “Sheldon Cooper, the annoying know-it-all that you can’t help but love, is the absolute king! A ruler stickler and hyper-smart, he is everything!”


David Harbour
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This person stated, “Jim Hopper from Stranger Things. He’s such a lost man, but Eleven gave him purpose. I love how he tries to guide her as best he can. He relies on his life experience to guide her, and even when he’s wrong, there’s still a lesson in his teaching/guidance.”

Leslie Knope

Amy Poehler
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A user mentioned, “Leslie Knope, is there anything she can’t do? She’s hilarious and confident. She’s everything I always aspired to be. An absolute queen.”

Walter White/Hal Wilkerson

Bryan Cranston
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This commenter said, “My vote goes to Bryan Cranston as Walter White or Hal Wilkerson. There’s a fan theory that Walter eventually becomes Hal, and I’m here for it. Both characters have striking similarities. Both are intelligent in their own ways, strategic and analytical.”

Lord Varys

Conleth Hill
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One poster added, “I know he’s not a fan favorite, but Lord Varys from GOT is my vote. He’s dark, mysterious, witty, and walks a fine, sometimes blurred line between good and bad. I love him. I was so sad when Dany had him killed.”

Ross Geller

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Someone shared, “Ross Gellar from Friends. I actually hate his character. He’s such a wimp, and his attempts to seem “alpha” are cringy, but his confidence in himself is adorable.”

Gregory House

Hugh Laurie
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A top-liked comment said, “House is like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes! He’s so confident even when he’s wrong, pushes others to seek answers, and he’s hilarious.”

Mike Ross

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Finally, someone added, “Mike Ross from Suits. He is the quintessential know-it-all! He knows he’s good, and even when matched up with another lawyer that knows the law as well as he does, he can still hold his own.”

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