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Relationship Quirks: People Share 15 Things They Couldn’t Imagine Doing

Love comes in many forms, and relationships often have their unique quirks. Yet, some practices might be a bit too outlandish for our tastes. Join us as we explore the world of unconventional relationship habits, discussing those peculiarities that might leave us scratching our heads and thinking, “That’s not my style.”

Social Media Accounts

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To start, one person shared, “Joint social media accounts.”

Another person said, “Yeah, joint accounts is awful. I stopped talking to one of my friends because I wasn’t sure if I was talking to her or her boyfriend. And it didn’t sit right with me.”

Open Relationships

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A user replied, “Open relationships and polyamory. Like I understand in theory, but it isn’t something I personally could do. Especially when I hear about people who have as many partners as there are days in the week.”

A second user added, “Same here. My ex tried to pressure me to agree to an open relationship. I said no. I later found out that he had cheated on me with numerous other women, including my roommates.”

Bathroom Doors

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A popular comment was, “I don’t have a desire to ever have an open-door bathroom policy in a relationship.”

Another comment was, “That’s so nasty. What kind of savage poops in front of someone they’re sleeping with (or in front of anyone, really).”

Public Posts

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A comment was, “Making long Facebook posts about how much my partner means to me. Idk why I find public displays like this cringe for myself. I don’t care if other people do this, but I don’t like putting my relationships on display on social media to that level.”

A second comment was, “Hard SAME. For me, it comes across as trying too hard. If things are that good, just let them be good and enjoy them. The same goes for people who put their relationship drama on social media. I just can’t.”

Choosing House Life

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One reply was, “Giving up a job to be a housewife.”

Another reply was, “The longer I’m in the workforce, the more I think maintaining the house full time instead sounds great. Too bad housing is too expensive for a single income.”

Name Change

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A user commented, “Changing my last name.”

Another user added, “I saw a TikTok of a girl who said she felt like giving up her maiden name takes a piece of her dad away from her. I never thought of it like that, and now I feel like I definitely never want to change my name.”

Pooping Space

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A comment was, “Pooping with SO in the bathroom. I know a lot of couples who will do this, but I’m not about it. Personal space is healthy, and sometimes I don’t even want to be in the bathroom with myself when some serious stuff is going down. Lol”

Sleeping Conditions

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A reply was, “Forcing yourself to sleep in a bed with someone who needs totally different sleeping conditions than you.”

Another reply was, “Amen to this! Rounding the quarter-century mark here with separate bedrooms. I sleep gloriously, and it makes “my place or yours?” a relevant question again. I love it.”

Photo Shoots

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One person said, “Photo shoots. I get it for big occasions like engagements, weddings, and pregnancy but like every Christmas? Every Valentine’s Day? Every anniversary? Why? If it’s like a family photo shoot, ok, that’s nice but just you two?? Lol”

Partner Responsibility

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A popular comment was, “I’m not sure if it’s weird or I am, but taking responsibility for my partner. For their emotions, their debts, and the problems they’ve created for themselves. I get caring about a person and wanting to take care of them, but to me, that’s something you do because you care, not because they’ve abdicated responsibility.” 

Pimple Popping

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One user replied, “Popping your partner’s pimples, when I hear other couples say they do this, I want to puke. Plus, you’re just scarring their skin.”

Another user commented, “Here I am being part of a gross couple that doesn’t care if the door is closed when we use the bathroom, but I draw a hard line at popping my partner’s pimples. Somehow that crosses a line of intimacy in my brain.”

Clothing Trends

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A response was, “Matching clothes. Looks so stupid to me. You’re not twins. I wouldn’t mind matching pajamas, though.”

Baby Talk

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One person shared, “This is the worst one for me. I’m not a child. Speak to me like an adult! No bigger turn-off than my ex saying “sowwwyyy” to me. Major ick.”

Another person said, “My ex did this all the time, I told him to stop several times, but he’s also the type of person who would not listen. Those are some of the reasons why I broke up with him.”

Toothbrush Sharing

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A reply was, “Sharing a toothbrush. I could NEVER.”

A second reply was, “This is absolutely disgusting. I hate it sooo much. My SO will just pick up a toothbrush. He doesnt care. I have gone through so many toothbrushes.”

No Children

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Finally, a user replied, “Having children. I don’t like anyone enough to create a person with them, ruin my life, body, mental health, relationship, finances for another person I know nothing about, and then have to share the responsibility of cultivating them with.”

Source: Reddit

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