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People Share 20 Moments They Knew Their Relationship Was Over

When someone uses the expression, “It was the final nail in the coffin,” they typically imply an event that marks a point of no return, with no possibility of recovery. In the context of relationships, this “nail” often symbolizes a profound betrayal of trust, a persistent pattern of hurtful actions, irreconcilable differences, or the revelation that one’s partner is not the person they were believed to be. “The final nail” signifies the critical juncture where emotional harm and disillusionment have reached a stage beyond repair, ultimately leading to the definitive end of the relationship.

Better When Gone

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One poster shared, “I realized I much preferred my life when my husband was gone, and I started actively hoping he would make plans or have to travel for work. I dreaded him coming home because it was just nonstop criticism and belittling. Decided it was time we went our separate ways.”

Hours Alone

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A second poster said, “My ex-wife was a nurse. We have 3 kids together. I was always looking forward to the days when she was working late shifts. If I got the kids to bed by 8 pm, I could have a couple of hours all to myself. Those were the moments that kept me going through an extremely lop-sided relationship. When she started talking about getting a new job where she would work only daytime, it freaked me out. And then I started talking to her about how I felt. And everything went downhill.”

I’m Right

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A third poster added, “She got into another one of her many “I’m right, and you’re wrong” moments. This time it was over public transportation. Yes, public transportation, and then proceeded to berate me in public.

Tune Out

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This user shared, “When I woke up to 500 missed calls and 300 or so text messages. No, those numbers are not an exaggeration.”

Alone Together

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One Redditor recalled, “No incident. Just a calm acknowledgment to myself one evening that the loneliest place on earth was in his arms.”

Rock & A Hard Place

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A user stated, “I was working 3 jobs, 18-hour days, because my bf at the time told me that if I didn’t bring in as much money as him, then our relationship was over. He had been at his job for 7 years and was making $17 an hour when the minimum wage was around $9 an hour. The final straw was an evening when he picked me up from work in a brand new truck, and before we made it to the freeway, he asked if I could help him buy his family’s Christmas presents because his funds were tight.”

Interests Fall Elsewhere

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This poster commented, “When he practically forgot I existed and was more interested in different people than me.”

Animals Always Know

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A top-liked comment said, “When my lab puppy put his tail between his legs and hid under the bed. In response to my boyfriend entering the house.”


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A commenter added, “When I found some other dude’s underwear beneath our bed. How awful do you have to be at cheating to leave cold hard evidence? Maybe she wanted me to find it.”

Domestic Abuse

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One poster said, “I brought home a pineapple that wasn’t ripe enough, and she repeatedly hit me and berated me for not knowing anything in the grocery store.”

Physical Violence

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This Redditor recalled, “My child’s father hurt me over $2. That was nine years ago. We were poor college students, and I paid for most of everything and didn’t have enough for formula, so I asked for the difference, and he said no. I took it anyway because it was for our kid, and he hurt me. I absolutely still hate him.”

Financial Issues

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One poster added, “He was always complaining about his money situation. I was always spending more money than him so we could see each other (lived in two very distant cities at the time) when he wasn’t spending any. Then he bought a second car he absolutely didn’t need. Felt like he was making a fool of me.”

Left Alone

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This user shared, “When I thought we were in for the evening for Netflix and chill and the phone rang … could hear his brother on the line … in their native language. He told me, “I’ve got to go. Out of town company at my brother’s.” Nail/coffin. Too many late nights at the brother’s at a moment’s notice – leaving me with no way to make plans for fun with my friends or on my own.”

Single Parent

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A top-liked comment said, “I just got tired of paying all the bills (except the mortgage) while he made more money but refused to pay any. On top of that, I did all child care (except fun stuff like trips, etc.) and most of the housework. He did cook some but then left the cleanup to me and somehow would use all the pots. I was also expected to take the kids home at bedtime while he stayed and hung out with my family. I just decided if I was being a single parent, I might as well be a single parent.”

Couldn’t Help Both

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One Redditor said, “I woke up one morning and realized I didn’t have the strength to deal with her problems. I wasn’t healthy enough to deal with my problems and hers.”

The Object, Not The Person

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A commenter added, “I was 18, and he was 24. He hated using condoms and told me if I ever got pregnant, I wouldn’t be allowed an abortion or else “I’ll do to you what you did to that baby”  Hearing him wanting to either trap me with a baby or kill me was the wakeup call I needed to realize he didn’t ‘love me.’ He loved the object he thought he had.”


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This poster stated, “She wouldn’t stop sleeping with other guys, even though we were married with children with life plans set. My plan didn’t include her getting b*ned by other guys.”

I Quit

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A user said, “I felt like she dumped the fate of our entire marriage in my lap. I knew then that we both had quit. The rest was a formality.”

Drugged Me

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This Redditor recalled, “She had a mental breakdown and ended up under hospital care. The night she got out, she wanted to get drinks with me and some friends. She drugged me with two lithium pills because she wanted me to “feel sick” so I would go home. I ended up leaving because I felt awful. Later that night, she told a friend what she did to me, and her friend immediately called me and told me what she did because she was scared I might have some type of reaction/overdose to the medication. 

Finding Excuses

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “When I realized I was begging my boss to give me more work because I didn’t want to go home.”

Source: Reddit

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