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Things People Say That Make You Immediately Write Them Off As Stupid

Certain phrases and statements can unintentionally diminish one’s credibility and make them appear less informed to others. Using double negatives, for instance, can confuse the message and cast doubt on the speaker’s comprehension. Overusing filler words like “like,” “um,” and “you know” may give the impression of uncertainty or a lack of articulation. Making broad and unsubstantiated generalizations can also make one sound uninformed, as can confusing factual information or using words out of context. 

Misusing Common Words 

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“A fan favorite of nonsensical words is “irregardless.” In fact, the word has been used so much and is unfortunately so commonly used now that Merriam-Webster had no choice but to add it to their lexicon.”

Using Incorrect Grammar 

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“It is utterly infuriating hearing someone say “axe” instead of “ask”, for example, “Can I axe you a question?”

Misusing Big Words 

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“Incorrectly using large or more complex vocabulary can highlight a lack of understanding and lead to confusion. A great example of this is when someone says “Pacifically” instead of “Specifically.”

Spreading Misinformation 

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“Flat earth, anyone? Sharing inaccurate facts or information without verifying accuracy can diminish credibility and make someone seem dense in their pursuit of “truth.”

Excessive Use of Fillers 

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“Overloading sentences with “um,” “like,” and other filler words can make speech sound hesitant, unstructured, and like the person has no idea what they’re talking about.”

Inconsistent Verb Tenses 

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“Two words, “I seen….” It’s enough to make your brain melt when someone uses incorrect grammar and incorrect verb tense.”

Ignoring Social Context 

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“Not adapting language appropriately to the situation or audience can make you seem out of touch, out of place, and unaware.”

Interrupting and Talking Over Others 

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“Ignoring conversational flow by frequently interrupting or “injecting” your opinion where it isn’t needed is a fast way to end conversions. It also suggests you have a lack of consideration and are impatient.”

Overuse of Emojis 

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“Want to kill any chance you have with a potential partner? If you do, use excessive or inappropriate emojis! Nothing irks an adult more than another adult that uses too many emojis!”

Failing to Listen 

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“Nothing is more frustrating than trying to converse with someone, and they’re responding/ giving responses without properly processing what you said. This can often lead to irrelevant and illogical responses.”

Using Clichés/Others’ Opinions As Your Own

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“Relying heavily on clichés and using others’ opinions as your own indicates a lack of original thought and critical thinking.”

Poorly Constructed Sentences 

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“We see this more often with texts and emails, sentences that lack clear structure and coherence can make even the most educated person look like an idiot.”

Ignoring Context in Jokes 

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“There’s nothing worse than making an off-color joke that is insensitive and inappropriate for the situation. This can and will damage your rapport and credibility with others.”

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