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15 of The Most Expensive Well-Liquior Shots from Around the World

The terms “well-liquor, well-drinks, and well-shot” refer to the basic or lower-tier alcoholic beverages readily available at most bars and as the default options for mixed drinks and cocktails. “Well liquor” is usually less expensive than premium or top-shelf options and is the base for various cocktails. They might include standard brands of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey that are used as the starting point for mixing a variety of beverages.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada 

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“If you’re visiting Edmonton, be prepared to pay $5.50 USD/7.47 CAD for a shot of basic liquor. One traveler said this about drinking in Edmonton, “When the mixer-to-vodka ratio is off, you end up with a shot that’s overwhelming and tasteless.”

Location: Dundee, Scotland 

Dundee Scotland downtown buildings
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“When looking for well alcohol shots in Scotland, be prepared to pay around  £1- £3 or around $1.26-$3.78 for a shot of well alcohol. Whisky tends to run the cheapest because of its abundance and popularity. Still, reviewers have mostly agreed that poorly blended whiskeys can result in a shot that’s excessively bitter or harsh, making you regret your choice with every sip.

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona 

Scottsdale, Arizona downtown with canal view
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“A typical well shot in Arizona’s Tempe/Scottsdale areas will run about $4. One bartender said, “Well alcohol is so cheap, and since there are a lot of college students in these areas, we can sell cheap shots and still make a profit of almost 200%-300% on each bottle.” 

Location: Norway 

row of houses in a village in Norway in winter
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“If you’re looking for a quick way to warm up while in Norway, a well shot will cost around $13.70/€10.10. The steep price of a shot is due to other alcohols being more widely consumed. Drinks like mead and Akevitt are the most popular celebratory drinks and run a bit cheaper, and there’s more liquid by volume in the glass.”  

Location: Hasselt, Belgium 

Hasselt, Belgium at night
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“A well shot of the cheapest gin, Belgium’s most popular alcohol, will cost you $2.16/€2. Gin is the most popular alcohol in Belgium as a whole however, locals will warn that dry gin shots with no complementary mixers can be too astringent for some, leaving a parched feeling on the palate.” 

Location: Orange County, California 

Orange County California neighborhood
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When traveling or living on the beautiful West Coast of the United States, a well shot will run between $7.50 and $13.50, depending on the area you’re in. A bartender said, “People around here have such deep pockets and don’t care about what they’re spending as long as they seem “rich” so why not triple the price of our cheapest.”  

Location: Melbourne, Australia  

Downtown Melbourne, Australia at sunset
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“While drinking in Australia, you’ll pay $9 for a well shot. The most popular alcoholic drink in Australia is red wine, but if you’re looking for cheap shots, you really won’t find them. Shots are a hard sell; therefore, they’re priced higher than most other alcoholic beverages by volume.”

Location: Dublin, Ireland 

Dublin, Ireland pub
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“One of the most popular shots in Ireland is the whisky shot. Whisky of all kinds sells well all over the country, and a well shot of basic whisky will run between $5 and $5.50. However, there are always 2-for-1 deals on many well shots, which drops the price to around $2.50 per shot on any given day.” 

Location: Cayman Islands

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“The Cayman Islands, a well-known vacation destination, tends to see higher prices for well shots in and around the resort areas. Ranging from $14 to $16 per well shot. However, if you travel off the beaten path of the resorts to local area bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, you can expect to pay between $7 and $9 dollars per well shot.” 

Location: Sussex, UK 

Brighton Beach, UK
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“Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the UK by a large margin, however, a well shot in various locations around the UK will run you about $5 per shot. Which, by and large, is very cheap!”

Location: Negril, Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica beach
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“A well shot in Negril, Jamaica, costs between J$1500 and J$2000, which is around $10-$13 dollars USD. However, if it’s a well shot of rum, you can look to pay around half of that, which is between $5 and $7 dollars USD.”

Location: Inland Areas, Mexico

Mexico City Downtown
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“A popular vacation destination is almost anywhere on Mexico’s western/southern coast. Travelers will pay a premium price for well-alcohol shots at the resort and vacation destination areas. Still, the further you travel inland, you can expect to pay around 100 pesos, a little less than $6 per shot. Well tequila, a popular alcohol made in Mexico, will generally cost about half of that. Fifty pesos or a little less than $3 dollars USD.”

Location: Moscow, Russia

Downtown Moscow Russia skyline
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“A well-alcohol shot of vodka in Moscow will cost between 500 and 1,000 rubles or between $6 and $11 dollars USD. The most popular of shots and alcohol is Vodka, and it is in abundance in the capital city of Moscow and the surrounding areas, so it’s always easy to find.”

Location: Coast to Inland, Italy

Leonforte, Sicily downtown
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“The most popular shot in Italy is neither top-shelf nor well. It’s called “grappa,” which is a high-proof wine liquor. Users describe its taste as neither bad nor good. It’s just there to drink. The cost of a shot of grappa will cost between 5 and 7 euros, equal to about $6 to $8 dollars USD.”

Location: Manhattan, New York City

New York City Skyline
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“When drinking in New York City, especially in Manhattan, expect always to pay a premium price for all alcohol. There are outliers in smaller local bars, but the average price of a well-alcohol shot in and around Manhattan is $13 to $17 dollars! “That’s the price you pay for drinking in the best city in the world,” said one bartender.”

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