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15 Uncomfortable Things Women Are Insecure About That Men Really Fall Head Over Heals For

Many women often find things about themselves that make them feel insecure. For example, aspects of their physical appearance, such as their body shape, skin imperfections, or perceived flaws. However, many men find these very aspects endearing and attractive. The uniqueness of a woman’s body, from curves to freckles, often holds an irresistible charm for men who appreciate authenticity and individuality. Additionally, women tend to worry about their quirks and idiosyncrasies, fearing they might be judged. Yet, men often find these nuances intriguing, providing insight into a person’s character and making them more relatable.


older woman smiling with her hand on her face and hair in a bun
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“Believe it or not, many men love the aging process women undergo in their mid to late forties and especially love seeing their hair turn grey. Several men feel it makes a woman look more distinguished as they enter the age of their “silver fox” era.


short woman and tall man looking at eachother
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“It’s a little know fact that most men do not care about the height of a woman. Be it taller or shorter. Most men do not have a preference. Many men have even said that they love when their partner is taller than they are because it makes cuddling that much better for them.

Reading Glasses

Surprised woman in glasses
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“For many women, wearing glasses makes them feel insecure, and they tend only to wear them privately. However, men absolutely love the look of a woman in glasses! One man even said the first time he saw his wife with her reading glasses on. He was so turned on mentally that he blurted out, “Honey, remember when I said I wanted to grow old with you? It’s happening!”


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“A woman’s laughter is music to men’s ears, especially when they’re the person making her laugh. Several men have stated that a woman’s loud cackle is a massive turn-on. 


“Women always say that social media constantly gives them new things to feel insecure about, like being “veiny.” Truth be told, men love when a woman has a pulse and vascular system.”

Natural Hair

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“Some women try to straighten their hair because they do not like their curls or the frizziness, but men love a woman’s true natural hair, not the flattened, pin-straight boring hair society says you need to have.”

Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual cylce/period products and flowers
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“Many women feel that ovulation and periods are things that should be kept secret from the men in their lives. That said, several mature men have stated that it’s completely natural and only immature weirdos get grossed out by it.”

Post-Birth Body

Woman disgusted looking away from camera
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“After a woman has given birth, their body naturally changes, and things like cellulite and stretch makes become a new source of insecurity. However, men find a woman’s post-birth body to be even more attractive, saying this is the body that carried my child.”

Breast Size

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“Small breasts, contrary to what women think about their breast size, it’s less of an issue than they think. Men tend not to care about the size of a woman’s breast, whether small or large. Several men are quoted as saying, “All breasts, no matter the size, are awesome!” 

The Naked Body

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“Viewing a woman’s naked body is like art to men. Although a woman may be insecure about someone seeing her naked body, men look at it from a point of view of amazement and beauty.” 

Thigh Gaps

Thick Thighs beautiful woman in black bathing suit
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“Women obsess about every little imperfection they find on their bodies. Men do not care if you have a “thigh gap.” As a matter of fact, many men have even said they prefer a woman with big or thicker thighs because it makes grabbing and squeezing them that much more sexy.” 

Comfy Clothing

Woman sat with drink in comfy clothes
Woman sat with drink in comfy clothes Photo Credit: Depositphotos IgorVetushko

“Sweats, baggy shirt, a slinky top, no makeup, messy hair. Men love that so much. Men feel that for a woman to be so comfortable with them to relax, not care what they look like, and snuggle up snacking, watching movies. That’s its own special brand of sexy.”

Hip Dips

Model Standing with hands on hips
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“A more recent insecurity that has popped up in the age of social media is “hip dips.” Most men have no idea what “hip dips” are, and when they find out, they think, “Oh, look, a spot to place my hands.” 

Not Wearing Make-Up

woman with her hand on her face and a blank stare
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“Women tend to be terribly insecure about a face without makeup. However, men absolutely love women in their natural state. Men love to see the all-natural “fresh face” of a woman they’re in love with.” 


Girl with freckles
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Freckles are such a defining physical trait on women, and all of a sudden, the “in thing.” Women that don’t have freckles are adding them to their make-up routine and even going as far as having them tattooed! Men adore a woman with natural freckles as the times have shifted from the standard of “fake” beauty to the “all-natural” standard of beauty.” 

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