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Sorry, I Can’t: The Top 20 Worst Reasons People Chose Not To Date Someone

There are numerous misguided and shallow reasons why someone might choose not to date another person. Whether it be preconceived notions and stereotypes, social status, or any number of head-scratching reasons, it can leave others feeling inept and confused. However, basing the decision to date someone on superficial, silly, or biased criteria undermines the potential for meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Carbon Copy

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A user shared, “She told me because I am an identical triplet, that would freak her out too much” No love for multiples, I guess.”

Dead End Business

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A second user said, “I was told my life isn’t going anywhere, and I have no ambition. All while I was sitting at the bar that I owned.”

Totally Different Things

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A third user added, “A girl I had been seeing for a few weeks told me, we can’t date because she’s in love with me. Yup. Can’t beat that logic.”


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A poster recalled, “Had a guy tell me once that we couldn’t be together because he loved me so much and it was terrifying to him, and he was toxic and would spoil the relationship anyway, so I should move on. After watching him get into a relationship shortly after that and him actually toxifying it into the ground, I was pleased he was that honest.”

Signals Crossed

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This Redditor shared, “My girlfriend’s friend broke up with me. We were not dating. She had some weird idea that we had a secret affair going on. My girlfriend and I were quite bewildered.”

Do Better

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A user mentioned, “Because I could do better… I wasn’t sure if it was sarcasm or if I should have been flattered.”

Too Much Of A Good Thing

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One Redditor shared, “We have too many similar interests. I can’t date someone I get along so well with”….really?

Listening Skills

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This user added, “I didn’t wear red to the university red party. Apparently, I fail at basic instruction, and our relationship would suffer from communication breakdowns. She was wearing green at that party.”

Might Not

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A commenter said, “I like you now, but I might not like you a month or two from now….” Strange. Very strange.

One Day, Just Not Now

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This poster commented, “You’re the guy I want to marry one day; you’re not any of the guys I want to date while I’m in college.”

You’re Not, So It’s OK

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A Redditor mentioned, “I was told I’m not “girlfriend material” because I’m not Christian….but almost immediately after he said that he propositioned me for no-strings s**** because I’m not Christian and therefore he assumed I was “easy.” WTF?

Not Kidding

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This user recalled, I really liked this girl, and we were great friends. One day she joked about dating me, and I joked back, “Please, you want me.” She just looked up and down at me and just said, “Really? Look at you.” She wasn’t kidding.”

Fight For What?

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A poster added, “I was dating a girl for about a week. She said she thinks we should just be friends. I said that was fine. She responded, “What, you are not going to fight to keep me?”

Pay Her Own Way

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A Redditor commented, “I once went out with a girl who, when I tried to pick up the check, said she wanted to pay for her own meal. I repeated that I was happy to pay, but she refused again. She later complained to a mutual friend that I didn’t pay for dinner. Apparently, after two offers and two refusals, I was still supposed to insist.”

Not Enough Money

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This Redditor shared, “I took a girl I was seeing to Vegas. The plane, hotel, everything. She breaks up with me after the trip. The last time we talked, she said, “You didn’t spend enough money on me in Vegas.”

Just Not Now

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A top-liked comment said, “She told me she wasn’t looking for a relationship at the moment. Literally, an hour later, she changed her relationship status to “in a relationship” with some other guy.”

Almost Dead

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This user recalled. “I had a girl tell me she wouldn’t date me because I wasn’t laid back enough. I then told this story at the college coffee shop, and the barista decided to join the conversation. He said, “I don’t know you very well, but if you were any more laid back, you’d be dead.”

Too Young

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A poster said, “Not me, but I had a friend who was rejected because he was born on February 29th, and the girl didn’t want to date a 20-year-old who was actually only 5 years old.”


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This Redditor added, “Because I wore glasses, and he didn’t. Made me look smarter than he did….”


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Finally, a Redditor shared, “A girl once told me her parents would be upset if she brought home a Jewish guy. I’m not Jewish at all. Im not sure she knew what Jewish was actually.”

Source: Reddit

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