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She’s Being Called a Gold Digger By Her Mother In Law Even Though She Makes More Money Than Her Son!

Mother-in-Law drama. Accusing her future daughter-in-law of being “greedy, useless, and a failure and only wants her son for his money.”

A Reddit user opened up about the predicament she currently finds herself in. Her Mother in Law has relentlessly accused her of being a gold digger, but she earns more money than her fiance. How did she get here, and what is her plan of action?

The Mother in Law from Hell

The original poster (OP) says that throughout her relationship with her fiance, she has always had issues with her Mother in Law (MIL). She says that her MIL has got it into her head that OP is greedy, useless, and a failure and is only with her son for his money. 

However, OP is actually the breadwinner in the relationship, and her MIL knows this. Regardless of that fact, she is hell-bent on turning her son against her. 

The situation came to a head recently when OP’s fiance finally stood up for her in an argument with his Mother. She told her son that she “would rather be dying in the hospital” than go to their wedding. 

The result of the argument is that her fiance and his mother are no longer on speaking terms but now OP is facing abuse from her fiance as he is blaming her for the destruction of his relationship with his mum. 

The relationship between OP and her fiance has been through rocky spells in the past and they have even attended couples counseling sessions, all of which were paid for by OP. She doesn’t believe that he wants to better himself and is beginning to become concerned about whether he will treat their future children like his mum treats him. 

There are also concerns that the fiance is the gold digger in the relationship as he plans to become a stay-at-home parent when the time comes to have children. OP knows that she will have to make a decision on the relationship with the wedding on the horizon. 

Messages of Support from the Reddit Community 

The Reddit community sympathized with OP and urged her to find a swift resolution. One Redditor commented saying, “You sound like the only emotionally mature person of 3 in your relationship. I think you should look for better than trying to fix anything.

Meanwhile, someone else in the comments was slightly more scathing in their response to the situation. They said: “I’m sorry, but your fiance is a FREELOADER. He seems to only care about his needs and his receiving support and is blaming everything on you. A relationship is a two-way street, don’t settle for someone who clearly doesn’t care about adding anything to your relationship.”

Should OP walk away from this potentially toxic relationship or work with her fiance and MIL to find a better resolution to the situation? What would you do in this situation?

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