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What? People Share 15 of The Smallest Reason They Chose To Break Up With Their Partners

People choose to end romantic relationships all the time. Many times it’s over large issues such as infidelity, incompatibility, or taking a different direction from when the relationship began. However, sometimes people end relationships for seemingly trivial reasons, ranging from obnoxious laughs to spending more time with their pets than necessary.

Star Bores

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One user shared, “She gave me one of those Force FX lightsabers, even though she wasn’t a Star Wars fan. 30-minutes later, she starts a fight and tries to take the lightsaber. I said it was a gift. “It’s me or the lightsaber,” she says. It’s sitting above my office desk as I type this.

Liked The Cat More

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A second user added, “She was mad at me because she thought I didn’t like her cat. I liked the cat better than her, so I figured it was time to bow out.”

Classic Mispronunciation

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A third user said, A friend who is obscenely into classical music was dating a violinist and broke up with her because she mispronounced Shostakovich. Musician problems, I guess.”

Over Two Bucks

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A poster commented, “She wanted $2 for my share of the pizza we bought after I filled up my car to take us and some friends to the mall. There were about 5 years of bulls****t before that….but that $2 was the final straw.”

Overly Forgiving

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This Redditor added, “I was seeing this guy who would always say “I forgive you” any time we slightly disagreed on something or I did something little like shut the car door too hard. I got so annoyed of being “forgiven” for things I hadn’t even apologized for.”

Bell Of The Bed

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A commenter said, “She wore a bell on her wrist. Every time she would move, it would jingle. It was like I was sleeping with a housecat.”


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This poster recalled, “She was so mad I wasn’t sharing my year-end bonus with her.  She obviously snooped in my checkbook at my home office.”


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This user said, “She criticized the way I cut green peppers. I learned from professional chefs, and she just butchered them when I asked her to show me how I was “supposed to do it.” Also, she didn’t think dinosaurs ever existed. She was 23.”

Relational Focus

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One Redditor commented, “He wore this one brown shirt I absolutely hated once a week at least. I figured I didn’t really like him that much if I was so focused on one shirt.”

Not For Him

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A top-liked comment said, “She laughed like Seth Rogen, and it was getting really annoying. nothing wrong with her, just not the right one for me, I guess.”

Zero To Kill

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This poster recalled, “I shared a post on Facebook of the new Dragonball Z Adidas sneakers. My fiance’s sister’s boyfriend commented, calling my friends and me nerds, and threatened to kill us. My fiancee’ didn’t see an issue with this and sided with him. We got into a huge fight about it which led to her texting me at work a few days later to end our 4-year relationship.”


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A user said, “My mother’s friend dumped a nice and well-to-do guy because he picked her up with a grain of rice above his lip. She said it was impolite of him and that she could never unsee how sleazy he looked.”


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This Redditor added, “A friend of mine pointed out that the guy I was dating looked exactly like Jared from Subway. I couldn’t un-see it, and I could no longer see him.”

Too Much

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One user recalled, “His family ate their dinner from pie plates, which were all HUGE, and he was always trying to get me to eat more. If I asked for a small Sonic shake, he’d order me a super-sized one, like I didn’t even know they came that big, and be offended if I didn’t finish it in a single sitting. I was like, nope, this is not going anywhere I want to be.”

A Hissing Sound

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A commenter shared, “He made a slight hissing sound every three words within a sentence. So it would go, “Oh, hey babe “hsssss” how was your “hssssssssss” day?” I could barely pay attention to what he was asking me. I was too fixated on the snake hissing.”

Safety First

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A poster stated, “She refused to wear a seatbelt and would text and drive. Somehow she is still alive nearly 8 years later, and for the love of God, I don’t know how.”

Too Proper

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This user mentioned, “He tucked his bulky sweater into his pants like you would a t-shirt. Psychopath.”

Too Close For Comfort

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A Redditor commented, “She was a close talker. I can’t stand close talkers. She was ALWAYS right in your face when talking seriously. Didn’t help that she had bad breath.”

Bottle Opener

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This user added, “She left the lid off of everything. So I’d go to the cupboard and grab a ketchup bottle from the top, which would end up all over me and my kitchen. It happened 7 times before I ended it.”

A Big Jerk

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “Second date as an “official couple. Walking into the movies, he made fun of the guy using a magnifying glass-like machine to read our tickets clearly, because he had bad eyesight. Right to his face. I didn’t see a movie that night.”

Source: Reddit

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