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Don’t Say “I Do” Just Yet: Sensible Yet Shocking Advice From Married Couples To Couples Thinking About Getting Hitched

Married couples often have valuable advice to offer to those considering marriage. Many successful married couples emphasize the importance of open communication and stress the significance of compromise. They often preach about sharing thoughts and feelings openly with their partner and respecting each other’s individuality and personal space. Another key element married couples share is learning how to navigate conflicts in a healthy manner rather than intensifying issues. Finally, a huge component of a successful marriage is learning to stay physically and emotionally intimate with their partner.

Communication is Key

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Maintain open and honest communication to understand each other’s thoughts, feelings, and needs. This is one of the most important foundational blocks of a healthy relationship that will go the distance.


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Understand that you will not always get your way. Be willing to compromise and find common ground when faced with disagreements.

Respect Individuality 

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While sharing a life, respect each other’s individuality, personal space, and interests. No one should have to give up their individuality or identity just because they’re married now.

Quality Time 

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Life can sometimes be overbearing, especially with work, children, and responsibilities. Dedicate quality time to each other, nurturing the emotional bond that brought you together.

Financial Transparency 

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One of the most common reasons for divorce and separation is due to finances and the inability to find common ground regarding responsible spending. Discuss financial matters openly, set financial goals, and make joint decisions regarding money.

Conflict Resolution 

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Yelling and screaming never solved an issue for anyone. Learn healthy ways to resolve conflicts, focusing on finding solutions rather than escalating issues.

Prioritize Intimacy 

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Intimacy doesn’t always mean sex. You can maintain emotional and physical intimacy by nurturing your romantic connections. Speak to each other’s “love language,” be communicative with your needs and wants, and make sure to share your feelings. 

Support Each Other’s Goals 

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Encourage and support each other by being your partner’s personal cheerleader. Never try to dash their dreams. This will only create resentment.

Practice Patience 

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Patience is a difficult skill to learn, especially when confronted with new stressors that you’ve dealt with before. Develop patience and understanding over time to navigate challenges and be willing to adapt to changes.

Share Responsibilities 

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No one should be doing all the work all the time. Split the responsibilities evenly, or always make sure to do more than your share. Divide household and family responsibilities equitably. This will foster a sense of teamwork, which is a very strong bond that can’t be broken.

Remember Why…. 

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Always remember why you fell in love. It’s important to reflect on what brought you together and continue to nurture those qualities.

Keep the Romance Alive 

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Continue to surprise each other, plan special dates, and express your affection regularly. Simple and small gestures can mean the world to our partners, especially during difficult times.

Adapt to Change 

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Find ways to be resilient and work together as a team. Be prepared for life changes, and grow together as you face new stages and experiences. Things are going to change; your life will change, and you need to be ready for it.

Maintain Strong Friendships 

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Just because you get married doesn’t mean you should stop having friends. Find ways to nurture your friendships and social lives while embracing shared connections.

Never Stop Learning 

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Approach your marriage as a journey of learning and personal growth, individually and as a couple. Share stories and experiences from before you met, and really let your partner in on who you are.

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