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15 Things That Were Deemed Ugly But Are Accepted As Wildly Attractive Today

Over the past decade or two, shifts in societal perceptions of beauty and attractiveness have transformed certain traits from being considered unattractive to now being embraced as appealing. One notable change is the acceptance of vulnerability and emotional openness in individuals. Additionally, unique and unconventional physical features that deviate from traditional beauty standards have gained recognition and appreciation. Quirks and imperfections are now celebrated, reflecting individuality and a departure from cookie-cutter ideals. 

Curly Hair

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One commenter said, “Curly hair. It’s wild to see curls get some love. I grew up in a time where you straighten it to a crisp and wouldn’t think of leaving home with texture.”


Girl with freckles
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A second commenter added, “I never thought it was ugly, but growing up, I’ve heard other people say that freckles are unattractive. Now everyone wants them!”

Big Butts

Cartoon woman with big buttocks
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A third commenter posted, “My mom grew up back when Twiggy was the rage, and she finds it funny how things have changed. Back then, saying someone had a big butt was a HUGE insult. But now women will buy padded underwear to make theirs look bigger.”

Vascular Hands

Man in suit sat with hands clasped together
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This user shared, “Veiny hands, on men. My Dad says he was ashamed of his veiny hands and arms as a teen, whereas I got positive attention from girls for the same inherited trait.”

Thick Eye-Brows

Girl with thick eyebrows
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A poster divulged, “I waxed and plucked my thick dark eyebrows for decades, and now that thick eyebrows are in style, mine won’t grow in thick anymore. Can’t win.”

Bald Headed Men

Bald man looking up
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Someone added, “Men with a bald head. Shaving my head bald and growing out my beard has given me so much confidence! Before, I clung to my hair like a fly to flypaper.”

The Dad Bod

Man holding up dumbell
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One person shared, “Dad bods… I did a bulk so that I could do a cut and be jacked, but the amount of positive attention I’ve gotten from women for just being strong and large makes me think the cut is unnecessary.”

THICC With Two C’s

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A top-liked comment said, “I spent my entire childhood hating my thighs and butt because I was called thunder thighs, Bertha butt for years. About 10 years ago, in my mid to late 20s, I realized that every woman I knew was in the gym for hours trying to get the legs and butt that I have. I am in my late 30s now, and I am still a little uncomfortable when I wear shorts.”

The Golden Age Of Niche Hotness

Diverse young women laughing
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This person stated, “Sun tans, being skinny, being ‘thick,’ under-dressing compared to your social status. over-dressing compared to your social status… The list goes on and on. We’re in a golden age of niche hotness right now. No matter what you look like, there are plenty of people out there who are into exactly that.”

From Zero To Hero

Man working on laptop
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A user mentioned, “I feel like I’ve been alive to watch the transition of ‘being really into computers’ go from a passion stereotyped for strictly for men with bad skin, weak builds, asthma and no social skills to attractive affluent tech-bros in skinny jeans who think 200k a year is starvation wages.”

Wizard Beards

Man thinking with beard
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This commenter posted, “Giant beards on men. The mountain man/wild west look came back in full force thanks to Duck Dynasty.”


Woman with weight loss arrows
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One poster lamented, “When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, the feminine ideal, for not only the widespread media and entertainment industries but also every person I knew, was to be really thin. You’d never have heard of a woman getting butt implants. It was all about losing weight and being as skinny as possible. Now, thickness is the ideal (or at least much more widely admired).”


Tattoo artist working on someones arm
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Someone shared, “Tattoos, when I was young, only people who did transient jobs like working in a carnival and prisoners had them. Now everyone from the barista at the coffee shop to the CEO of F500 companies has them.”


Surprised woman in glasses
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A top-liked comment said, “Glasses. It’s so associated with nerds in basically every movie, but good-looking people with glasses just become more good-looking.”

Unconventional Appearance

Blue haired girl posing in photoshoot
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Finally, someone added, “Today, it is considered attractive to have an unconventional appearance, such as tattoos, piercings, brightly colored hair, or an unusual clothing style. In the past, this may have been unacceptable and considered ugly, but today it has become fashionable and attractive. Also, today, naturalness and individuality are valued rather than standardized beauty and ideals.”

Source: Reddit

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