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What’s The Connection? The Surprising Link Between His Female Co-Worker and His Wife

Do you have a “thing” with your significant other that you assume they only do with you? It might be a silly little mannerism or a pet name. How would you feel then if you found out that they were doing this “thing” with another person?

Well, one woman found out that her husband has been doing their “thing” with a coworker. That’s just half of it, though. Let’s take a look at the whole story. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors

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The original poster (OP) explains that her husband is relatively close with a female co-worker who is around the same age as him. Despite assurance from him that she has nothing to worry about, OP can’t help but get jealous whenever he brings her up in conversation. 

OP’s husband even refers to this friend as a “bro” and is planning on bringing her around to the house to meet OP. However, OP doesn’t think this will make her any less insecure and what we’re about to learn will maybe explain why. 

Their “Thing”

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OP explains that she and her husband have a “thing” where they play rock, paper, scissors to decide whose job it is to do certain tasks such as taking out the trash or washing the pots. They have done this since they started dating, and she thought it was purely “their thing.” 

So, imagine her shock when after the most recent game of rock, paper, scissors, he turned around and said that he always beats Linda (the coworker) when they play. OP admits that this made her super upset, and she started crying about it in front of him. 

His Reaction

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He tried to console her by saying that he plays it with everyone, including his guy friends, but she wasn’t having it. She knows that it seems silly because it’s a game that everyone plays but she can’t help feeling like she’s been betrayed. 

OP wanted to know whether she was being ridiculous or if she was right to feel this way about what had happened. 

A Mixed Response from Reddit

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The Reddit community was split in two when dealing with this one. Some people understood where OP was coming from, whereas others felt that she should just get over it as it’s just a silly game that everyone in the world plays. 

Some people, though, questioned whether OP was really upset about the game or if there were deeper issues. One person said: 

“Is this REALLY about the rock paper scissors, or are you just grasping for literally anything to hold close to you because you feel like he doesn’t make you feel special enough?”

Another Opinion

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Another person suggested that OP was perhaps getting upset at the wrong thing. They said: “I would be more upset that my man is bringing up his female coworker all the time and is comfortable enough to invite her over for you to meet her. It’s weird, straight up. I wouldn’t like that either.”

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