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Up Close and Personal: 20 Reflection on My “First Time”

When reflecting on their first intimate experience, individuals often recall a range of emotions. These can include excitement, fear, and even a sense of terror for some. The memory of one’s initial encounter with intimacy is highly personal, with each person experiencing a unique blend of feelings and emotions. Let’s delve deeper into the readers’ recollections to explore their individual experiences.

Anxiety & Joy

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One reader shared, “A mix of pleasure because of s****x, happiness because it’s a milestone, nervousness because I want her to enjoy it too, and anxiety because I didn’t want the condom to break.”


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A second reader said, “That was my first thought: “Oh sh****t! What if the condom broke? What if she got pregnant? We’re only 19!”. The anxiety was so much that I was cool keeping it to hand stuff most of the time. Jokes on me. That girl is now my wife, and we found out later that it is actually very hard for her to get pregnant.”


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A third reader added, “It felt underwhelming, considering her mom walked in on us when she should have been at work.”

The Opposite Of Excited

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A user stated, “Does it hurt this bad every time?? It did not make me excited for future s****. It hurt so bad!”

All The Time

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This user said, “I remember saying, “Why don’t people just do this all the time? There is literally no reason to do anything else for fun.” My partner agreed wholeheartedly that we should do nothing but bone 24/7. Oh, to be young and naive!”

Do They Know?

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A poster recalled, “When I went home and walked in the door, and my mom and sisters were watching TV and hanging out, I was CONVINCED that somehow it was written all over my face. They didn’t know, of course.”

A Fond Memory

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A top-liked comment said, “I’m going to love this girl forever.” Didn’t work out, of course. We were sixteen. But I remember her fondly as a lovely memory of one amazing summer.”

That’s It?

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This user shared, “That was it?” Don’t get me wrong… love s****x, but I guess losing your virginity gets so hyped up in movies and tv shows that I thought I’d become a totally different person afterward. Instead, I was just myself with a new hobby to engage in.”

Do It Again

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A user added, “Holy sh****t! I can’t believe we just did that – let’s do it again as often as we can manage (and we did).”

High Fives

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This user added, “I gave myself a high-five in the bathroom mirror after. The best day of my life type of stuff happened. I remember thinking I want to do THIS ALL THE TIME!”

What’s Happening?

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A poster said, “Oh my God, I hope I finish soon. She’s giving me weird looks because I can’t. Is it because of the condom? Did I death grip myself too much growing up? What the f****ck is happening?” Prozac. Prozac was happening. My doctor never told me the se****ual side effects of it because when I was prescribed them initially, I was not se****ally active.”


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A user commented, “This is awesome” “Oh no. Already? Not yet. Nooo” Then the condom broke. And we got plan B. Followed by massive Catholic guilt and fears of my first time legit leading to pregnancy.”

It’s Happening

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In Love

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One poster shared, “I’m totally in love with this guy, and I wish I could be with him forever. Spoiler: 18 years later, we’re married with three kids.”

Immeasurable Disappointment

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A top-liked comment said, “My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. I was not what I had expected. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, honestly, but not what happened, that’s for sure!”

Super Pumped

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This user commented, “I was super pumped… grinning ear to ear… just like a Viagra commercial. If I had a re-do, I would wait until I found someone I cared about.”

I Paid For This?

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A poster said, “I can’t believe I paid $300 for this. mine first was a s****x worker in Amsterdam. I then found out after I’d finished that a friend had gone to her earlier. Sharing is caring, I guess.”

The Queen Of England

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This poster added, “Oh, that’s what they mean when they say lay back and think about the Queen of England.”


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A poster commented, “I remember feeling really guilty. I was raised with the belief that s****x was dirty and wrong. It was very taboo and never, ever talked about in my home. So when I was old enough to start thinking about/wanting/having s****x, I felt like I was dirty and disgusting.”

Taken Advantage Of

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Finally, a reader shared, “I am male. I was drunk AF and basically was taken advantage of by an older woman. My thought was this wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen. Disappointment.”

Source: Reddit

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