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15 Jarring Realities of Sharing Space with the Opposite Gender

Cohabitation with the opposite sex often leads to intriguing revelations as the nuances of each gender’s daily routines and habits come into focus. One surprising aspect is the diverse approach to organization and cleanliness. Communication dynamics can also raise eyebrows as the differences in emotional expression and problem-solving strategies become apparent. And finally, work, life, and sleep schedules are more real when living with each other.

Bathroom Habits

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To start, a user shared, “My husband will take the dog for a wee out back before bed, and he pees off the edge of the deck in solidarity, or maybe just to remind the dog it’s HIS house.”

Following Me Around

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A second user added, “I get home about a half hour before she does, and I will follow her around as she complains about her day and does all the post-home things. Then she will get mad and yell at me to sit down. As soon as I walk off, she follows me wherever I go to sit down to keep complaining. It’s an interesting system.”

Help With Finding Things

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This user commented, “How often I’d be helping her find her car keys. Eventually, I put up a hook that I was able to get her in the habit of using.

Extra Clothing Space

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A highly-liked comment was, “After living with him for 4 years, I opened a drawer of “his” dresser… And it was empty. All of it. Apparently he thought it was my extra dresser. He doesn’t use a dresser. Clothes get washed and put into a “clean clothes” hamper. He puts socks and underwear in his bedside table. Now I’m wondering what other furniture in our house is empty?”

What “Clean” Means

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One person wrote, “How different our versions of ‘clean’ are. My husband is far, far cleaner than I am. I’m totally fine with a mess. We’re still working on it after living with each other for 12 years.”


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A top-liked comment said, “If you and your partner are in different rooms, one of them will randomly decide to just “check-in” by opening the door, smiling, and then going back to their separate room.”

Alone Time

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One user commented, “My girlfriend has a hard time being alone. When we’re home, basically every waking minute, she wants to be together. I love her with all my heart, but sometimes I just want to be alone doing my own thing for an hour or two. Watching sports, playing guitar, gaming, etc., but when I leave for another room, I can hear the disappointment in her voice. I’m working on getting her to understand my need for occasional alone time.”

Her Hair

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A person commented, “The hair, man. It gets everywhere. RIP to our shower drain. I don’t understand how she has long, beautiful, seemingly healthy hair that falls out EVERYWHERE.”

Pet Attention

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A popular comment was, “Apparently, the cat I raised since she was a kitten and loved more than life itself is more than willing to abandon me and love someone else much more in a blink of an eye.”

Hygiene Products

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One poster said, “How gross his bar of soap gets with little pubic hairs and chunks taken out of it. YUCK. It’s so gross I have to put a washcloth over it when I shower because I’m afraid I’ll puke from seeing it.”

Time Spent In Bed

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This user replied, “How much time she spends in bed. She’s always in bed, it could be 5 pm on Saturday night, and she’s showered, in her pajamas, watching TV or cruising the internet in bed.”

Cabinet Doors Left Open

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A person stated, “How often she leaves the dam cabinet doors open! It’s insane like it takes literally no effort or time to close them! It’s infuriating.”

Hair Accoutrements

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This user added, “I have never observed my wife put a bobby pin in her hair. I have found thousands of bobby pins in our house.”

Specific Instructions

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An insightful comment was, “How specific I have to be when giving instructions to do something. Like instead of saying “wash the sheets” I have to say “wash and dry the sheets and pillowcases and put new sheets on the bed.”

Toilet Paper Use

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This poster recalled, “I always knew women went through toilet paper faster than men, but I never knew how much faster they did. It got to the point I’d just grab a pack of toilet paper whenever I went to the store for any reason.”

Eating Habits

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Finally, a commenter said, “Definitely the food. I’d always eat Ramen and canned foods when I was living alone. Now I get spoiled with home-cooked food. The best part, though, is she’s been teaching me to cook. I love our cooking school sessions after work.” Source: Reddit

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