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15 Red Flags People Noticed About Their Partners’ Cell Phone Use

Red flags regarding a partner’s cell phone use can signal potential issues within a relationship. Excessive secrecy surrounding their phone, such as password protection and reluctance to share it, may raise concerns about trust and openness. Constantly guarding their device, even in the presence of their partner, can suggest they are hiding something. Finally, if they frequently avoid or become defensive when asked about their phone activities, it might indicate potential dishonesty or infidelity.

Can’t Even Watch A Movie

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One poster said, “If you’re using a phone while we are in the theater during a movie, we probably aren’t compatible. Can easily be friends, but that seems to be a line for me.”

Constantly Checking Their Phone

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A second poster added, “If we can’t have a normal conversation without her checking her phone every few minutes, I’m out.”

Hides Their Phone

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A third poster posted, “When someone constantly hides their screen or gets defensive when you innocently glance at their phone, it might be time to reevaluate the trust in your romantic partnership! Trust is key, peeps!”

A New Appendage

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This user shared, “My girlfriend used to be constantly on her phone. I had to be clear with her that if she didn’t change those habits, we’d be done. The worst for me is when I take time out of my day to take her to and from work, and she doesn’t look away from her phone during the travel, an instant bad mood for me right there.”


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One person shared, “If they care more about selfies than taking pictures with you, they might be narcissists.”

Rules For You, Not Them

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A commenter divulged, “If they say they’re glad that you don’t text on your phone when they’re around, but they message people all the time. I had a boyfriend that did that to me all the time. It was like “so I can’t do that but you can?”

New Passcodes

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Someone added, “Suddenly adding a passcode or always placing their face down when you’re around. This was a big sign my partner was cheating on me. He rarely even used his phone and hated talking on it. All of a sudden, he did a huge 180 and was on it constantly.”

Defending Their Phone Use

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A top-liked comment said, “Getting defensive about their cell phone use. My ex was constantly on her phone, and I absolutely hated it. When I’d call her out, she would have an utter meltdown and start these massive fights.”

Dishonesty About What They’re Doing

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This person stated, “When I first started dating my boyfriend, we met on a dating app. He said he deleted all of his “hook-up & dating apps” but low and behold, about 2 months into our relationship, he was getting messaged from one. I saw it on his phone when he went to the bathroom while we were out. I was done then and there. Not only did he lie, but he was still talking to other girls.”

Has Multiple Accounts

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This commenter posted, “I found out that she had a separate Instagram account that she used for hook-ups and talking to other guys. It was pretty easy to find, considering she more than likely used the same phone number and email to sign up as her “normal” account. It randomly popped up in my “People You May Know” bar.”

Only Communicates Via Text

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One poster lamented, “He’d never argue with me in person, only over text. When I would try to talk to him in person about an issue, he’d reply with “I’m fine.” or “It’s over. Let’s move on.” But when he was not with me, he’d argue via text for hours. Communication was awful!”

Location Off

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Someone shared, “If they shared their location with you, then one day it “just turns off.” My wife and I always shared our location for things like travel, so we’d know to start dinner or get ready, that kind of stuff. It made things a little easier, especially if she was driving and couldn’t text. I’d be able to start dinner or whatever. Then one day, her location was off. Stupidly she left her location on, on Snapchat, and I could see she was where she said she wasn’t. We’re still going through the divorce process.”


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A user mentioned, “It’s not really a breakup-able offense in my book, but my boyfriend only engages in what’s called “dry-texting.” Where he’ll only like a text as a response or send one-word responses, I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with him over text that lasted for more than two minutes. It’s annoying, but he really doesn’t use his phone much.”

Constant Messaging

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A top-liked comment said, “A big red flag for me is the constant need to text me. I saw this girl for a few weeks, and she would text me at all hours of the day and night. Like, I’d drop her off, and before I was even out of her parking lot, I’d have like 3 or 4 texts already. At first, it was exciting, but then it became a hassle. I had to block her even after we ended it because I’d still get texts at 3 AM.”

Left On Read

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Finally, someone added, “Being left on “Read” I hate that so much! I know people are busy, but seriously, after 3 hours, you can’t reply?”

Source: Reddit

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