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15 Situations That Show What Age Men Should Stop Going Clubbing

The age for a man to stop going to clubs is subjective and depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and personal circumstances. That said, there is no specific age at which a man should stop enjoying nightlife and clubbing as long as it aligns with their comfort level and responsibilities. Some men may naturally outgrow the club scene as they mature and their interests shift towards other activities. In contrast, others might continue to enjoy the social aspect of clubbing. It’s important to note that all men should strive to balance responsible behavior and maintaining a healthy and fulfilling social life. Ultimately, the decision to stop going to clubs should be based on a man’s comfort level, interests, and priorities in life.


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One poster shared, “At age 20. I only went a couple of times, though. Not my kind of space. I felt out of place, and it was never my scene.”.

One & Done

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A second poster said, “Went once in my early 20’s and hated it so much. I knew I wasn’t going back. I hate crowds. I hate music so loud you need earplugs and can’t understand anyone. I don’t drink alcohol, especially not at those prices.

Never Again

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A third poster added, “I went once in my 20s, and it sounds reasonable not to want to attend a club in one’s 30s. Or ever!”

Not For Me

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This user stated, “I only went once with a few college classmates when I was 19 and never returned. There must be some appeal, but it’s not for me. We just stood there in a circle, sometimes, we moved along with the music a bit, and I was just thinking to myself, “So this is it?”. I didn’t really see the point overall of being there. I thought it was boring more than anything else.”

Rather Go To The Bar

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A top-liked comment said, “22-23. It was awful. I’m a much bigger fan of shooting the sh*****t with friends at a bar than going to the club. I haven’t attended a club since maybe 2018, and nothing really draws me to it all.”

Prefer Drinks At A Friends

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This person said, “Never. I never liked going to the bar or a club. Would much rather hang out and someone’s house and have a few drinks.”

Hated It

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A poster commented, “When I was 21, I tried a club or two, absolutely hated it. Bars are better if you find a local dive or sports bar where drinks are cheap, but the ambient noise is still too much for me. After 26 or 27, I stopped going to bars after dinner, and now it’s just lunch/dinner.” 

Haven’t Stopped

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This user added, “28 now, haven’t stopped – still see myself continuing until I drop. I enjoy techno and house music at solid venues with excellent DJs and friendly crowds. No bottle service, VIP tables, or p up’d lads throwing their weight around.”

Would Rather Go To Work

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A commenter shared, “I’m 28 now and would rather go to work over clubbing.. and I hate work.

Got that out of my system early, hit the clubs way too hard at 19/20, and then by 21, I lost interest. Loud music, crowded areas, staying up late.. all the worst things in my mind. Funny how different everyone is.”

Awesome When Younger

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Someone recalled, “I found that clubbing was awesome between 18 – 25 and if you’re single. I met my now wife when I was 24. We’d still go clubbing until we were about 28, but between 25 and 28, it started becoming a bit of a chore – we’d rather just go to a nice bar with a great vibe and chat rather than have our eardrums assaulted.”

Not Sure When I’ll Stop

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A top-liked comment said, “I’m 29 now, and I will say there are certain things I don’t love about the club (busy, expensive, club doucheb****gs), but I have a few spots that generally have really good DJ’s and ok crowds for the most part. If I stay in my lane with my friends, then it’s all good.

That said, I definitely felt less inclined to go in my early twenties. Not sure if I’ll ever stop going completely, but we’ll see how I feel once I turn 30 later this year.”

Go Until My Body Can’t

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One user stated, “Haven’t stopped yet. Nearing my 30’s soon, and until my body can’t take it anymore, I have no plans to stop.”

Still Going In My Forties

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This poster commented, “I’m 40, still go to clubs. Packed dance floors with fellow burners are always a fun time.”

42 & Hasn’t Stopped

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A user said, “42, and haven’t stopped yet. My priorities have changed, though – when I was younger, I’d be focused on drinking and trying to hook up. Now, I drink less, and I’m mostly there to enjoy the music, atmosphere and have a dance or two.”

Bored & Out Of Place

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Finally, this poster added, “I went once when I was 22, and I hated it, lol. I was so bored and felt so out of place. I was an introvert in denial at that stage so. I’m 29 now, and I rarely drink, let alone go to clubs. I couldn’t think of anything worse than a hangover.”

Source: Reddit

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