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Ever Wake Up Furious with your Spouse Over Something You Dreamt? Yea, Her Too and He Is Not Happy

Have you ever woken up from a dream so mad at your partner because of something they did in that dream? You know it’s ridiculous, but you just can’t help it, right? Well, what if it happens again and again and ruins your day again and again?

It’s normal to have disagreements in any relationship, particularly if one person has wronged the other.

However, what perhaps isn’t quite as normal are fallouts relating to things that have happened in a dream time and time again. Unfortunately for one Redditor (M35), he is currently going through this with his partner (F36). Read on to find out the whole story. 

A Nightmare Scenario

The original poster (OP) explains that he is having recurring issues with his girlfriend relating to how she behaves after she dreams about him. He says that sometimes he will wake up to find that his girlfriend is in a mood with him because she has dreamt that he has done something nasty to her in her dreams. 

He says that sometimes she is so annoyed that she makes him feel like he has genuinely done something wrong even though he can’t, in any way, control what she dreams about or how he behaves in her dreams. He says it’s at the point now where it ruins the entire day for both of them when she dreams about him in the night. 

At first, OP says that he tried to understand her frustrations and was compassionate with her while she retold the events of her dreams. However, now when it happens, he couldn’t care less and just pretends to listen. 

He has tried to get it through to her that treating him like he’s done something wrong based on a dream is completely unfair but she doesn’t seem to understand. After spending countless hours researching the psychology of the situation, he found himself on Reddit where he asked others for their views on the situation.

The Masses Respond

The vast majority of people replying to the thread on Reddit were primarily bemused that an adult could behave like this.

One person said that “she’s 36 and acting like an immature 16-year-old” and that it’s “hard to imagine someone could behave this way without also setting off bells and whistles in other areas as well.”

Others were on hand to offer advice, just as OP had requested. One user even has personal experience in this area after going through something similar with his ex-partner. They said:

“Why are you accepting this? I had an ex who did this to me twice in two days. The first time I was sympathetic, but the second time I laughed at her foolishness and ignored her. Funnily enough, she didn’t do it again for over four years!”

Finally, one person suggested that OP’s partner might need professional help. They said: “Has she ever gone to counseling? Many times our dreams can be the spill-over of what we are already thinking about. If she was already upset about something before sleeping then it may have manifested itself as a dream.”

Are these Redditors out of line for calling OP’s partner immature or have they hit the nail on the head? How should OP go about resolving the problem moving forward? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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