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The 15 Biggest Red Flags People Tend To Ignore

Ignoring red flags in others can lead to detrimental consequences in personal relationships. One prevalent red flag is a pattern of dishonesty or inconsistency in communication. People may choose to overlook lies or evasive behavior, hoping that things will improve over time. Another warning sign is a lack of respect or empathy towards others, which can manifest in dismissive attitudes or belittling remarks. Other red flags that tend to get overlooked are possessiveness and jealousy, which are often downplayed, viewing them as signs of affection rather than controlling behavior. Additionally, a history of volatile outbursts or emotional instability can be easily excused, with individuals hoping that love will conquer all.

Rules For Thee

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One person said, “Rules for thee and not for me. It took me 6 months to realize she really did think rules in any context did not apply to her but to everyone else.”

Rushing Marriage & Kids

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A second person stated, “We just began chatting, and she talked about marriage and kids. Only ignored it for like a day, then ghosted her.”

Cheating, Excuses, and Lie

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A third person posted, “Cheating on a previous girlfriend. I believed his sob story of how the “mistake”, which destroyed him. Only to find out after we were married that he was unfaithful to every single partner after that person. Even cheated on me as well.”


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This user shared, “Defensive nature when challenged or offended that leads to insults or weaponizing insecurities.

Familial Toxicity

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A poster divulged, “Her family and how she verbally abused me. Her family was awful, just straight-up awful toxic people. I figured we wouldn’t see them often, so I tried to ignore it. We saw them often. I was out.”

A Cons List

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Someone added, “She wrote a list, like in the sitcom Friends, about my pros and cons. Except there were no pros on the sheet.”


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One poster shared, “All of a sudden, she had all these stories about my friends talking behind my back and being sh*****ty people. ‘Twas she that was sh****ty and a liar.”

Changed Wedding Date

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A top-liked comment said, “Had to change the date of my wedding because my soon-to-be (and now EX) mother-in-law was busy that day.”

Made Things Up

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This person stated, “Little lies. Things that didn’t even matter, so I let it slide. But if someone is comfortable with little lies, they’re also comfortable with big lies.”

Inability To Apologize & Acknowledge

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A user mentioned, “Inability to apologize for anything or acknowledge my feelings. I got to a point where I was just letting everything go because I didn’t want to feel invalidated anymore.”

Failed Marriages & Debt

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This commenter posted, “Her two previous failed marriages. I was never married. She also had a huge amount of debt. I was debt free.”


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A poster said, “Her insane selfishness mixed with some mental health issues and apparently some trauma. Purely an objective observation, she was in no condition for a relationship, but I just didn’t want to believe it.”

Acting Like A Princess

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Someone shared, “Slashed her ex-boyfriend’s tires. Constantly fought with her mom and was quick to anger. The kicker is she wanted to be spoiled!”

Gave Space & Got Ghosted

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A top-liked comment said, “She said, “She leaves after some time.” She told me right at the start, and I ignored it! After going out for a couple of months. She stopped talking, blocked me, and left.”

Playing Victim

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Finally, this person added, “Badmouthing their ex-partner to hell and talking about all the horrible things they did. It turns out she enjoyed playing the victim and told her ex equally as bad stuff about me (often twisted versions). They had barely broken up when we got together (she lied about it to me), and they kissed about half a year into it (she said her ex kissed her).”

Source: Reddit

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