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The Top 15 Worst Parts of Being A Woman in Today’s World

Navigating womanhood comes with its share of challenges and injustices that can be deeply disheartening. The worst parts of being a woman often include confronting systemic sexism and gender-based discrimination. Additionally, women also often face societal pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, leading to body image issues and self-esteem struggles. The ongoing threat of gender-based violence and harassment further underscores the vulnerability that women can feel in their daily lives. Reproductive rights and healthcare can be contentious areas where women’s bodily autonomy is frequently debated and restricted. 


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To start, a user shared, “Menopause. It’s awful, night sweats, increased risk of osteoporosis, dryness, accelerated aging… I’d rather bleed every day.”

When Are You Having Kids?

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A user added, “My husband gets asked about his career, I get asked about when I’m having kids or the lack of woman’s pain management in health care.”

Unfair Working Conditions

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This user commented, “How hard we have to work to demonstrate our worth in fields that men dominate… or how you always have to be extra careful about what you do/say at work because you are a woman and do not want to send other people wrong messages.”

Social Pressure

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A highly-liked comment was, “Having to work a full-time job, have monthly periods/remember to change out my birth control on the right day of each month, raise children, expected to be beautiful at all times, workout to maintain a nice physique and remain attractive until I’m in my 50’s. Social media tells me every day I’m not as pretty or funny or nice as I could be and to do better and push myself constantly.”

Other Toxic Women

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One person wrote, “Women hate on you or try to sabotage/destroy you constantly, and men can be terrifying in what they can do to you. It can be very isolating.”

Hormonal Changes

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A top-liked comment said, “The hormonal changes & mood swings, this isn’t just menstrual cycle based, it’s the week before, during and after my cycle which means I get 5-7 days out of the month where I feel content.”

Constant Threat Of Violence

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One user commented, “Violence. We all walk around with the never-ending threat of violence. We’re told to do stupid things like put our keys between our fingers when we walk through a dark parking lot. Even marriage has the risk of being beaten or killed.”

Cater To Everyone

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A person commented, “Being expected to cater to everyone else’s feelings all the time, or expected to be responsible for them.”

Tired Of Doing It All

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A popular comment was, “Feeling unsurmountable pressure to do it all. Be fit, thin, cheery, clean, cook, raise the kids, and contribute money. It gives me a very serious struggle at times, feeling like I don’t have worth or could be replaced with someone who could do it better and looks better.”

Expected To “Shake It Off”

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One poster said, “I live in a major city and the number of men that think they can just touch you on the street? Putting their hand on your waist, slipping their hand underneath your jacket, brushing against your butt…it’s horrible. And you’re just expected to shake it off.”


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This user replied, “NOBODY told me that delivering the placenta was an entire ordeal where they take your baby from your arms so you can deliver a giant blob that isn’t much smaller than the baby and hurts so much because you’re already torn and broken from the literal human that JUST came through there.”

Relying On Men

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Someone said, “Having to rely on a man to do things that I just can’t do because I’m either not tall enough or strong enough. Actually, I hate relying on anyone for anything.”

Married With Children

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This user added, “The expectation that your life is incomplete without a husband or children, while “bachelors” are celebrated.”

Being Objectified

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An insightful comment was, “Constantly being compared to other women and being objectified all the time.”

Expressing Emotion

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This poster recalled, “Expressing emotion and being told to calm down and being mocked for expressing anger. And when you choose to hold in those emotions, you’re told you’re as cold as ice.”


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Finally, a commenter said, “Ageism. A woman in her 50s is all washed up. A man in his 50s is “still in his prime.”

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