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15 Things People Wish For Their Exes

When it comes to thinking about an ex, people may have a range of wishes and desires. Some might wish for their ex to find happiness and fulfillment in life, regardless of whether it includes them. Others may wish for closure and understanding, hoping both parties can gain clarity and insight from the past. Some may want their ex to fall off the face of the earth. Whatever your wish for your ex, it’s important to understand they’re your ex for a reason.

Works On Themselves

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One commenter added, “I hope she realizes that she needs to work on herself to be a better person for her and whoever comes into her life next. During our breakup, she repeated how she was immature, stubborn, and selfish. And I said, you actually like that about yourself? She would respond, “Yup, I think I’m perfect.”

Grow Up

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A second commenter said, “I wish she’d grow up, not for my sake but for hers. She was mentally a child. I did not realize she had dozens of people to support her and that I only had a few. I pointed it out, and she snapped at me. I broke it off that night. That was the last straw.”

Stay Away

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A third commenter shared, “To remain as far from me as possible. I WISH she would move out of the state we live in or at least the town! She really put me through the muck!”

Get Help

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A poster commented, “I wish she would get help for her mental health disorder, and I know she can’t help herself for the lies and betrayal. I, however, cannot spend the rest of my life wondering why? I showed you nothing but love and patience. That said, I need to live my life without regret and worry.”

To Be Happy

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This commenter said, “I wish nothing more than happiness, love, and acceptance for them. Happy people seldom hurt others. I was hurt badly, and it’s taken years to get through, but now that it’s over, I wish for them to be happy.”

Experience Pain

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This person mentioned, “I hope she will be punished for her actions after giving me trauma. I still can’t talk about what she did to me without becoming emotional, and I wish something would happen to her to feel the immense pain I have felt.”

Finds Someone Better

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A top-liked comment said, “She finds someone better than I was. I was a mess when we were together, I can’t believe she stayed as long as she did. She was an angel, and I took her for granted because she was always there.”

Enjoy Her Time

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A user added, “To Have a good life and enjoy the time she has with her new boyfriend, even after what she did to me, but remember, you become what you can’t forgive.”

A Better Life

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This poster commented, “A better life after her current circumstances change. She taught me a lot. We were young. The other ones? I don’t really think about them. Think a lot were mistakes. But I learned those mistakes.”

All Good Things

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A top-liked comment said, “All good things. It’s been decades, but he was a really great guy. I often wonder where he is and what he’s doing. I truly hope he found happiness!”

Get Help He Deserves

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One commenter said, “I wish him happiness and peace and for him to finally admit his OCD is not “under control” and that he deserves help. I haven’t talked to him in years, but I hope he’s good.”

To Move On

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A poster stated, “I wish she would sign the go****mn divorce papers already. I’m ready to close this chapter, but I can’t force her to sign them!”

Improved Mental Health

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This commenter added, “For improved mental health and that he finds someone who’s looking for the same things he is out of life.”

Love Someone Properly

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This user shared, “To be happy in herself. To be content and love someone properly and be truly loved back. I wish it were me, and I still love her to the end of this earth, but it can’t happen, so I have to do everything in my power to move on. Biggest impact anyone has ever had on me. She’s the most amazing human and deserves the world.”


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Finally, a user said, “Nothing, and I don’t mean this in a rude way, but I’d like just to leave my ex be. Nothing against her but she’s an ex for a reason.

Source: Reddit

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