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When Your Partner Says Goodbye: 15 Words That Cut Deepest

Breakups are often emotionally charged, and hurtful words are frequently exchanged during these times. The most damaging statements that can be uttered by an ex-partner have the power to deeply wound a person’s soul, leaving long-lasting scars. Whether it is a deliberate insult aimed at undermining self-worth or a dismissive disregard for the relationship’s importance, the impact can be devastating.

“I Can Have Anyone”

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One poster recalled, “She told me, “I can have any guy in this room. Why would I want to be with you?”

Justifying Actions

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A second poster added, “I wasn’t anyone “One” thing she said, she was justifying her cheating because she thought I was cheating on her. I wasn’t.”


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A third poster shared, “She told me, “You are worthless, and I don’t have time for you anymore.”

After financially supporting her for three years, I paid the travel expenses for American Idol auditions and one America’s Got Talent audition. This was right after I nursed her through her recovery after gastric bypass surgery.”

Dodged A Bullet

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A poster commented, “My last ex left me for the person she cheated on me with after 3 years together. When she came to get the last of her stuff, she would only talk about how she was worried she’d screwed things up with her new partner because he didn’t know she was with me at the time. She’d lied to him and just said I was someone she lived with.

Feeling Disgusted

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Someone recalled, “After a two-year relationship, she said “I feel disgusted when I touch you,” that ate at me for a while.”

Getting Married….Tomorrow

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This person shared, “After 5 years together, she told me, “I’m breaking up with you because I’m getting married tomorrow, please leave, or I’ll file a restraining order. Apparently, she had been “dating” someone from another country.”


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A commenter posted, “I was told, “You’ll never be a great father” (before I had children). No reason why she would have said that, except I held off having children with her because she was a heavy smoker and lied about quitting.”

Going In Circles

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A top-liked comment said, “I was in an abusive relationship for 3 years. Finally had enough and broke up with her after taking her to dinner. She got hostile (again), and I literally ran out of the restaurant. The worst was her screaming my name while driving in circles around the parking lot, honking the horn. She was not sad. She was angry. I was hiding in the bushes because I was legitimately afraid she would beat me up in public. Worst break-up experience ever.”


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A commenter said, “After 5 and a half years, she said, “I was just afraid I would end up alone, so I settled for you.” Immediately after the breakup, she had a new boyfriend.”

Different Paths

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This person recalled, “I feel like we want different things in life.” Which made no sense, considering we both wanted children. We both wanted a house and opened up a savings account together. We had several conversations on our future, and we happily concluded what we both wanted and desired and began working towards it.”

Just Roommates

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One user added, “After 6 years, and she used the same line on me as she did with the guy before me “We were just roommates who had relationship for the last 6 months” I’d bought us our first house 3 months before.”

A Divorce

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Someone stated, “I feel like I can’t keep my promise anymore. I want a divorce” This was on the heels of finishing a TV series we’d watched. The credits rolled, and I asked her what she thought about the ending. She replied, “There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Would’ve Been Easier

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This user said, “After a long bout with a serious illness, she said, “I wish you didn’t get better. It would have been so much easier that way.”

A Few Years

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A commenter posted, He said to me, “I don’t think I love you anymore, and I have felt like this for the last few years.”

Unhappily Everafter

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A top-liked comment said, “I’ve been unhappy for a long time.” It didn’t hurt hearing that, it hurt knowing how obvious it was, and I didn’t do anything to change it before she reached the breaking point.”

To Be Forever

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A poster said, “You were supposed to be forever,” and “The best of you is like a fairytale” Then she broke up with me. Her saying that broke me. It would have been better had she just torn me to shreds.”

Too Emotional

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A user added, “You’re just not a man. You’re too emotional.” This came before the cultural wave of openness regarding mental health and it being socially okay for men to open up about their feelings at a time when men were supposed to suppress all emotion and be stoic and strong.”

Won’t Fix It

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Someone shared, “She said both “I love you” and a very short time later, “I know we can fix it. I just don’t want to.” This was from my ex-wife.”
Move To California

This poster recalled, “Throughout our relationship, we would talk about moving away from our little hometown to California by the beach. Towards the end of our relationship, I mentioned, “What if we just left now for California like we always said and started over?” She replied, “All those times we talked about that, I was really just picturing getting away from you.”


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Finally, a user shared, “My Grandfather has ocular cancer. I need space to sort out my feelings ” I gave it to her begrudgingly (I wanted to be there for her). Kept waiting for her to come back to me. One month later, I found out she blocked me on all social media, ghosted herself completely out of my physical life, and got a new man.”

Users share personal stories recounting the most hurtful statements they heard from their former partners during the end of their relationships. The thread captures a wide range of emotionally charged and cruel remarks, reflecting the depths at which some will sink to during this vulnerable moment. The stories shared highlight the lasting impact of hurtful words, causing pain, betrayal, and self-doubt.

Source: Reddit

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