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15 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Flirting They Can Fall For

Believe it or not, flirting is an art. Just like art, some people are better at it than others. Flirting goes far beyond mere compliments and playful banter. Authenticity and respect are key. Flirting should never be about objectifying or making a woman feel uncomfortable. Instead, it should involve genuine interest in getting to know her as an individual. Understanding nonverbal cues, like body language and facial expressions, is crucial in gauging her comfort level and receptiveness. Women appreciate men who listen actively and respond thoughtfully to conversations, showing a sincere interest in what they have to say.

Don’t Make Assumptions

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One user said, “When flirting with me, don’t assume that because I’m a girl, I’m not interested in manly/nerdy things. Talk to me about things you like. You might be surprised.”

Be Polite & Interesting

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A second user added, “My only advice for men who want to seem more appealing to the opposite gender is to be polite and interesting. Kind of vague, I know, but it’s the truth. Being able to participate in good conversation is a dying skill.”

Take The Hint

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A third user posted, “If I say something along the lines of “thanks, but I have a boyfriend.” I am not interested. Read my body language. I don’t need to be “rescued” or “stolen” from my current boyfriend.”

Don’t Just Appear

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This commenter shared, “If I’m alone, like walking my dog or walking to my car, don’t follow me. It’s already uncomfortable, and I feel vulnerable, so please pop up out of nowhere because you want to chat me up.”

Don’t Flirt While She’s Working

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A poster divulged, “A woman being friendly with you does not automatically mean she is interested. Especially if she’s working at the time, try not to flirt with us at work. It’s awful.”

No “Pet” Names

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Someone added, “If you’re calling me ‘babe’ or calling me a ‘good girl,’ or anything other than my name when I ask you to stop, don’t act like I’m being a b****tch.”

Be Friendly

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One person shared, “Don’t be desperate and clingy. Be friendly and nice. Be the kind of guy you would want your sister to be with (don’t take this comment in any kinda creepy way!) Be at ease with yourself, play it cool, be real, and smile.”

Read Body Language

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A top-liked comment said, “If I’m not really engaging with you or giving one-word answers, take the hint. We’re not trying to play “hard to get.” We’re just not interested. It’s really difficult for a woman to leave an uncomfortable situation.”

Make Her Laugh

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This person stated, “Sometimes “cheesy” pick-up lines. I had a guy say to me, “You look familiar. Were we ever in the same class before? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry together. It made me laugh, and we dated for a few months.”

Play It Cool

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A user mentioned, “If she is trying to get away from you on more than one occasion, then perhaps she is not interested. But if you play it cool and are friendly, she may recommend you to one of her friends.”

Get In Their Space

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This commenter posted, “Mirror our body language, introduce yourself, tell us about you. If you’re shy, tell us. Get into our space. Understand we are human too.”

Eye Contact

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One poster lamented, “Eye contact, make eye contact with us. It lets us know you’re actually paying attention to us. Don’t be on your phone, my god, keep your phone away!”

Never Mention Your Ex

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Someone shared, “Use humor, don’t be self-deprecating, a little bit of making fun of yourself works but don’t destroy yourself. Lastly, certainly don’t talk about your ex. It does not make a good first impression.”

Be Yourself

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A top-liked comment said, “Stop treating women like a totally different species from yours. We’re not a monolith. We want to be talked to just like everyone else. You don’t have to try and be someone else when talking to us. Just be yourself. We have personalities, needs, and wants. Address those.

Offer A Drink, Face To Face

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Finally, this user added, “Please don’t send us a drink and hope we’ll come over and talk to you. Come say “Hi,” introduce yourself and ask if you can buy us a drink. If we say no, don’t try to force it on us. If we say yes, we’re interested in talking with you.”

Enjoying the Present

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One person said, “Don’t rush any of the “big” decisions in life.”

Finally, another person replied, “Don’t forget to breathe.”

Source: Reddit

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