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15 “Types” People Are Attracted To But Are Too Afraid To Share Openly

Some people find themselves irresistibly drawn to a specific type of person they are hesitant to admit their attraction to openly. The allure often involves unconventional or taboo preferences that may not align with societal norms. It could be someone significantly older or younger, someone from a different cultural background, or someone with unconventional interests or lifestyles. The fear of sharing this attraction usually stems from concerns about judgment, criticism, or being misunderstood by others. 

Bossy But Kind

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One person said, “Assertive, not in a bossing around kind of way, more a she gets what she wants kind of way while still being a kind person.”

A “Softer” Woman

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A second person added, “I am into, let’s just say… hefty Asian women. Because softness is always a plus, and hugging has always made me feel comfortable.”

Small Eyes

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A third person posted, “Small-eyed guys. I don’t know why. It’s just attractive to me when a man has smaller eyes. I don’t mean half open, just like their eye sockets are smaller than average.”

Bigger Guys

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This user shared, “I like bigger guys. I have no shame in it, though. Always have and always will. That big burly hairy type, man.”

Hangs Out In A Library Type

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A poster divulged, “Librarian, but not like “Oo se***y librarian” I mean “looks like they hang out in the library to read for fun.” Does that make sense?”

Broken Private Eye

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Someone added, “Those damaged Anti-hero types in many detective series and movies. Gets me every time.”

Emo Girls

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One poster shared, “Emo girls. Specifically with blue hair. I’ll let you guess what happens every time.”

No Make-Up

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A top-liked comment said, “There was this one girl I met at work and was like the only girl there that gave off tomboy vibes. The cherry on top was when she wore no makeup and went with the all-natural look, which made her look phenomenal. 

Dorky Type

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This person stated, “Them lanky nerdy guys. I like ‘em gangly and geeky af. It doesn’t matter if it’s academic nerdy, gamer nerdy, or anime nerdy. I like a big old scrawny dork.”


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A user mentioned, “Older gentlemen that look like they run a mafia or could order a hit. 45+ 50s – 60s is my absolute jam. I’m in my early 30’s.”

Jack Black Type

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This commenter posted, “Whatever the heck Jack Black is, but I’m NOT embarrassed. He’s so hot to me. Fat, bearded, talented, and passionate. My kind of man. WOOF!”


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One poster lamented, “Edgy d bag.” Think Machine Gun Kelly. I find him attractive, but I’d never want to date, talk, or do anything with him because he’s an incredible d**chebag. However, for whatever reason, I find him physically attractive.”

2010’s Emo Rocker

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This person shared, “Honestly, I still have a soft spot for the 2010 “rawr xD” style of emo guys/girls, specifically that style of haircut with the long bangs every emo person had back then.

Ice Queens

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A top-liked comment said, “Ice queens.” Every woman I’ve ever been with is cold, detached, and acts like an aloof cat.”

A Person Dressed In Drag

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Finally, a user added, “I’m a straight woman. I didn’t know I was attracted to it until I saw it. Tom Holland made me realize I like a good-looking man in drag.”

Source: Reddit

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