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Top 15 Ways to Actually Make a Woman Happy Given By Women

Making a woman happy involves different things that can vary from woman to woman. However, there are certain factors that generally contribute to a woman’s happiness. Showing genuine care and paying attention are important, as listening, understanding, and empathizing build a strong emotional connection. It’s also crucial to respect her independence, choices, and opinions, as it makes her feel empowered and valued.

A Dress With Pockets

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One commenter said, “Buy her a dress with pockets. Women are so adorable when you compliment their dress, which has pockets.”

Good Communication

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A second commenter added, “Listen and communicate. It’s pretty basic and simple. With any relationship you have, the foundation is based on good communication.” 

Be A Gentleman

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A third commenter said, “Be agreeable, offer up debates with understanding, be sensitive yet firm standing. Be willing to stand up for her values and needs and compromise against your wishes 80% of the time. Most importantly, never keep her waiting.”

Thinking Of You

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One user commented, “Food and small gifts. Nothing expensive, just little tokens of appreciation. A candy bar they like because you were thinking of them, a toy of their favorite animal. Keep it simple yet thoughtful.”

Do The Things

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A top-liked comment said, “All I can say is actions speak louder than words. So when you tell her all these things that make her smile or blush, ACTUALLY DO THOSE THINGS!


This poster shared, “Spend time with her, make her laugh, and make her your priority. These 3 things will always lead to a lasting, loving relationship.”

Know The Difference

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A user stated, “Don’t make the assumption that the same thing makes every woman happy. We’re unique, don’t lump us into some big group. We’re actually individuals. Just because one thing made your ex happy doesn’t mean it will automatically make your new love happy.”

Ways To Make Her Feel Loved

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A commenter added, “Learn what actions make her feel loved. Ask her or ask her friends if you can’t figure it out by yourself. Once you know how to make her happy, you can show her how much you love her.”

Take Care Of Her Evening

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This person recalled, “Let them chill out while you take care of everything for the evening. Cook, clean, take care of the kids. Your wife’s back is sore? Give her a back rub. Fix her a hot tea to relax for the evening. My wife works hard, and her favorite time is when I don’t allow her to do anything around the house for the night.”

Don’t Treat Her Like A Maid

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A top-liked comment said, “Don’t let her feel like your maid/mom. Make sure you’re mature and can take care of yourself and the things you need to take care of, not her.”

Treat Her As An Individual

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Someone added, “Treat her like an individual and discover what makes her happy. This is important because every girl is different. There are no two alike!”

Learn Her Love Language

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A person shared, “Long-term: Treat her like your partner in life, not your mother or therapist. Truly work to know her, as “it’s the thought that counts” usually shows no real thought went into something beyond what you would like. Learn each other’s love languages, communicate that, and both work on expressing those in their own and their partner’s if they aren’t the same.”

Be Happy With Yourself

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One poster commented, “Be happy yourself. If you want a woman to be happy with you, make sure you are happy and bring that into the relationship.”

Work Together

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This user said, “Help clean up. If she cooks, you clean up after and share the household chores Most importantly, clean your own mess.”

Be Vulnerable

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Finally, a user shared, Be willing to be vulnerable with her, discuss how you feel, and try not to argue with her all the time. Some things are best left without arguing.

Source: Reddit

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