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How Much Cash Do Men Carry In Their Wallet?

The amount of cash a man carries in his wallet can vary widely based on individual preferences, lifestyle, and cultural norms. Some men prefer to keep minimal cash on them, relying heavily on payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets for their transactions. On the other hand, some men still carry a more substantial amount, as they appreciate the convenience of cash for small purchases, tips, or situations where card payments may not be accepted. Occupation, age, and spending habits can also influence the amount of cash carried. 

License & Cards Are More Important

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One commenter said, “$20 in case of emergency. Losing a twenty is nothing. Losing my cards and driver’s license would make me more mad than losing cash if I lost my wallet.”

A Donation Amount

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A second commenter added, “I usually carry between $10 and $20 at any given time. There’s always some weird reason that cash is needed occasionally, like if you want to buy something cheap at a place that doesn’t take cards or donate to a kid collecting for their school.”

$20 Won’t Fill The Tank

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A third commenter shared, “I have a $100 bill hidden inside for emergencies. And if I hit the ATM, I’ll usually grab $100-$200. Sometimes that lasts a week or more, sometimes not. Also, my adult kids constantly ask for money, and $20 won’t fill up a gas tank or even get you a pizza nowadays. I’ll also go places with no ATMs and cash-only type spots….”

Carry $0 But Hide A Few $20’s

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Someone said, “I carry zero with me, like on my person. But I keep a few $20s in various places they’ll be accessible in an emergency. Like in my glove compartment, in my bicycle pouch thingy under the seat, in my hiking day pack, etc.”

Usually None

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This user mentioned, “Around $100. But I spend it and forget to replace it. So usually none.”

No Standard Amount

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A poster commented, “$3-$200. I don’t have a standardized amount I try to stick to. I just always try to have SOME form of physical cash on me. Never know when you may need it! I’ve been in situations where a card reader is down and was happy to have cash. Also, as some other people said, I use it for tips when I have it.”

Cash For Ice Cream

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A top-liked comment said, “I like to carry around $100 in $20’s. There’s a chance it gets lost, but it’s not enough to hurt. What does hurt, though, is not having cash and telling my daughter that we waited in the ice cream line for 15 mins and I forgot to bring cash. Epic failure.”

$60 Is Recommended

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This person said, “I would recommend at least keep a minimum of $60 (3 twenty dollars bills) on you at all times ..because that is just enough to tip someone cash in a situation where old school heads that don’t have cash app or people who prefer cash tips and still expect cash in example having a service done (hair cut, car washed, furniture delivered, or lawn cut) ..but $60-100 is also just enough to afford you out of a slight jam, where a little extra cash is needed to “upgrade” your situation.”

$50 Comes In Handy

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One user added, “I always have some cash in my wallet. But ever since I’ve had a smartphone, I keep $50 behind my phone case just in case I lose or forget my wallet. It’s come in handy several times.”

$300, Most Days

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This commenter posted, “I leave the house with around $300 most days. Start getting a little nervous with anything less than $100. By the way, I’m 54 years young.”

Hate Using A Credit Card

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A poster shared, “I (60 M) carry about $100 in an assortment of $20, $10, $5, and $1 bills. Always tip in cash. Hate using a credit card for anything under $10-20.”

Cash Is King

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One person said, “Cash is king. Old guys carry cash. I carry no more than $50 to $100 but always more than $20 not in my wallet. I have a nice money clip. Of the times I needed cash, a card just wouldn’t do.”


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This user mentioned, “$40 or $60 in my money clip. I rarely use cash, but if I’m going somewhere “cash only” I’ll grab extra.”


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A top-liked comment said, “I’m 23, every couple months I grab $300 to put in my wallet, then once I’m down to about $20 I grab $300 more.”

Mostly By Card

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Finally, a user said, “We pay by card for almost everything, but a few businesses near me only take cash or are cheaper to carry cash. I’ll take $1000 from the bank every so often, and we take from there as we need.”

Source: Reddit

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