20 Turn-offs Women Do That They Think Men Find Attractive

In the quest for attractiveness, it’s all too common for us to believe we know exactly what the opposite sex finds appealing. However, the reality might not always align with our perceptions. Women, in particular, engage in certain behaviors and adopt certain habits that they believe are attractive to men. Yet, what if these very actions are precisely what men find unattractive? Prepare yourself for some unexpected revelations and let’s begin this journey of debunking misconceptions together.

Lip Injections

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One person said, “The relatively recent lip injection trend is just bad. People with very thin lips doing it sparingly don’t look bad, but most girls doing them either a) already have fuller lips naturally or b) overdo them, so it just looks bad.”

Being Someone Else

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A second person added, “Try and look like Kim K. or any influencer. That is such a turn-off when girls try to emulate someone else. Just be yourself. That’s a thousand times hotter!”


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A third person shared, “When girls hate on other girls that have nothing to do with them – I dated a girl who always had something nasty to say about any girl within eyesight – got real old real quick.”

Rude Behavior

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This user stated, “Acting rude and entitled. Went to dinner with a few friends, one of them I always thought was kind of cute, but oh my god, when I saw the way she talked to the waiter, I lost all interest in her.”

Be Direct

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A top-liked comment said, “Dropping hints instead of just being direct. This has to be said a million more times. Obviously, direct communication is always best.”

Spider Lashes

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One user said, “Those big a** Australian huntsmen spider lashes girls wear is such a turn-off. I guess I get it, but there’s no need to have lashes longer than your hair.”


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A commenter posted, “Butt implants. They look terrible. They have become so common where I live, and it’s getting out of control. It looks like it’s meant to be comical in some cases, like balloons under your pants.”

Baby Talk

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A person stated, “The fake cutesy baby voice. No. Just no. It’s not cute. It’s not endearing. It’s cringy!”


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Someone added, “This goes for both men and women. People who try to be influencers. It’s so unnatural for so many. That’s why there are only a small amount of people who are actually successful at it. Stop trying to force it.”

Dumbing Down

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This user commented, “Dumbing themselves down. It’s never cute. The world is already full of stupid people. Please don’t add to it. No one likes the damsel in distress act.”


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A top-liked comment said, “Those horrid long fake nails, they honestly make me shudder. They might be great for head and back scratches, but unless you do these things professionally, they’re so unnecessary.”


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A person said, “Taking endless selfies. That nonstop need for an online dopamine hit and constant need to be liked is one of the worst qualities in a person, in my opinion.”

Based On Appearance

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Someone commented, “Basing your entire personality and life around your appearance. It might be attractive in the short term, but if you treat yourself like a trophy, you’re just objectifying yourself. Especially when you think that is enough and have nothing else to offer.”


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This commenter shared, “Those unnatural eyebrow jobs. I’ve seen friends use markers and have even seen them tattooed on. That’s just crazy to me!”

Fake Tans

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A person said, “Fake tans/ spray tans, I just do not understand it. I guess it would be ok to get a fake tan if you’re going somewhere sunny in the middle of winter, but to look like you hang out on the sun year-round is just silly.”

Photo Filters

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Someone stated, “All the damn filters in their selfies. If you need to look almost unrecognizable in ALL of your photos, you might have horrible self-esteem and need therapy. Just stop taking photos if you need to edit every photo of yourself.”

Bratty Behavior

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One poster commented, “Being rude. You think you’re a se****y brat, but the countdown has started until we’re sick of it. Brats will be left alone and lonely.”

Caked On Makeup

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A top-liked comment said, “Women who plaster their faces with so much makeup that cracks show up when they show emotion. I don’t want foundation stains all over my furniture and clothing.”

Extreme Jealousy

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This poster added, “⁠Girls that exhibit extreme jealousy. It really makes someone unattractive. Jealousy is a natural emotion, but when I can’t even be in the same breathing space with another female is a big turn-off for me.”

Feet Out The Window

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Finally, a user said, “Girls who take off their shoes and hang their feet out the car window while being a passenger in the car. I’ve noticed that some women (not all) will take their shoes/sandals/socks off and stick their feet everywhere. Up on the dashboard, out the window, on the armrest of the seat in front of them, I genuinely don’t get it, and it’s so dangerous!”

Source: Reddit

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