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10 of the Worst Texting Mistakes That Make Women Lose Interest in Potential Dates

Have you ever started texting a potential online match for a few days, and all of a sudden, the energy changed, and it didn’t work out before you even met? What happened?

We scanned through an online thread with hundreds of comments explaining what texting turn-offs made women not want to continue texting.

Here are 20 of the most common texting turn-offs.

1. Bringing up Sex Too Soon

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This one came up a lot. I’m sure it’s hard to tell if it’s too soon, depending on the person, but maybe it’s better to let her bring it up.

“When they bring up sex too soon.” Another commenter added. “Agreed! I once talked to a guy on a dating site and thought we had a nice rapport going for a few days. Then he started asking about my boob size etc., and when I said I thought we should get to know each other more before heading in that direction, he just kept pushing because: “sex is a big part of any relationship.”

2. Too Many “Lustful” Texts

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One text doesn’t mean it’s a green light for nothing but s*x talk.

“You h*rny text them ONE TIME when you’re in a mood. They don’t stop for the next 48 hours.”

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3. Asking too Many Personal Questions

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Women want to get to know you but not too closely….yet. There were so many women with examples of this. Here’s one of them.

“This! Especially when they get defensive about not wanting to have s*x with you but keep asking you about your s*xual fantasies most of the time

“But what are your fetishes? Do you want to do it with men or women or both? Not that I want to do it with you. Uhm what?”

4. Double Texting

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Sounds like if you don’t hear back, don’t text the same thing again.

“People who relay a single message in multiple rapid texts and double ?? P**sed me off to no end. Smh.”

“When they start double texting me, it’s really annoying. I can’t stand the “??” or the “still there?” They will get blocked.”

5. Texting About Not Responding

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When you don’t get an answer, just be patient.

“Yeah, any texts chastising me for not replying soon enough will earn a block. We are TEXTING. I don’t owe you an immediate reply. Even my best friends don’t get to talk to me like that.”

6. WYD Texts

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What are you doing? Too many times is a no-no.

“Constantly asking “Wyd?” throughout the day. Makes me feel he has nothing going on in his own life.”

This user also added a good point. “I hate answering for what I’m doing. It makes me worried he’s going to suddenly show up. Or like I have to come up with some interesting lie.”

7. Dry Texting

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Being a bit open on text is important.

“Dry texting- they don’t answer questions, they don’t ask questions, they aren’t even attempting to seem interesting.”

Another commented, “Really bland texts or answering with just emojis, how am I supposed to continue a conversation if you’re not going to do your part?”

8. Asking for Photos

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Women are not into sending pictures over text.

“Asking me to send ‘photos.’ Instant turn off.”

There was also this comment indicating a pattern women were trying to avoid. “And these requests only come from guys with maybe two photos on their profile, one of which is them with another woman.”

9. All Day Texting

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Women do not want to feel like they need to text you all day.

“I can’t stand all day texting. It’s such a distraction that I barely do with people I already know.”

10. Texting with too Many Acronyms

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Full sentences and full words go a long way.

“When he only texts in acronyms, emojis, and short-form ex. WYD, LOL, IDK, Me2, IYKYK, “

11. Pushing Boundaries

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Boundaries are meant to be kept and not pushed.

“Boundaries are there to be respected! It’s sad to see that some people just don’t really care.”

Another commented, “I can’t count how many times I’ve heard, “boundaries are meant to be pushed.” No, they’re literally not.”

12. Delaying a Meet In Real Life

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If you say you want to meet, let’s meet and stick to it.

“I can’t stand flaky people who say they want to meet up only to never meet up.”

Another added, “When they delay or just don’t seem interested in meeting irl… I don’t want a pen pal.”

13. Spelling and Grammar Errors

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Spell check; it’s important.

“Constant spelling/grammar/homophone errors. I am a writer and a teacher. It physically hurts me after a while, lol. I love teasing my husband that he got a date because he used a semi-colon correctly.”

14. Opposite Views

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There are some things that are deal-breakers for women.

“When he says he loves guns. Or doesn’t like dogs. Or isn’t a feminist? Opposing political views. The list is long.”

15. Lying

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Lying is usually taken as a sign of future problems.

“It shows he’s capable of lying big in the future.”

One shared an example. “Lying straight away. I was talking to this guy who said he had no kids and wasn’t married. He comes clean after a week and says he is going through a divorce and has a daughter.”

16. Ignores Links

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If you get a link sent to you, you need to acknowledge it.

“If he lacks a sense of humor and doesn’t acknowledge the links I send him.” Another replied, “The links!! Those are serious business..”

17. Using Pet Names

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Pet names are something for the future, not while you’re texting and getting to know someone.

“When he starts calling me pet names after three days.”

18. No Nudes!

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No nudes, don’t send them or ask for them.

“Asking for nudes.. or even worse.. sending me them!”

19. Mixed Signals

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Keep it straight and to the point.

“It’s the weird mixed signals for me. Like, a guy would say something like, “I want to go out and do XYZ, or I wish I could see you.” But never come out and ask or make a plan.”

“Exactly! Both are turn-offs for me. Why is it so hard to say – “Hey, I’d like to check to blank out. Are you free to go on these days?

But never come out and ask or make a plan.”

20. Always Taking About Themselves

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Finding that balance between getting to know each other.

“When I ask the person questions, but they don’t ask any back. Not asking questions makes them seem uninterested.”

Another commented, “Somebody who talks too much about themselves right away. Somebody who doesn’t ask questions about you. Someone replies to you every day; then one day, doesn’t. Somebody who isn’t consistent.”

You can read the full Reddit thread here.

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